How to Avoid Air Bubbles in Water Submerged Centerpieces

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-24
Whether you are hosting a birthday party or a wedding reception, the central piece that is submerged in the water adds a charming and unique decoration to each table.
Dip the flowers underwater in a long vase and enlarge their beauty by putting sliced fruits into the water or give the table a summer feel.
Regardless of the decoration inside, many party planners who build these centers prefer bubbles not to pile up and attach in vases.
You can take a few steps to avoid bubbles in the center area that is submerged in the water.
Place your underwater center in a vase or container-
Site, before adding water.
Moving around the center, the water will stir the air into the mixture to create more bubbles, so it\'s important to wait until you create the center at the party scene.
Make sure that all items entering are clean so they don\'t leave any dust or dirt.
Fix the decorations at the bottom of the vase with heavy objects or bury them in stone or pebbles.
Purchase distilled water to fill the center.
The regular tap water is filled with impurities and bubbles that will bubble in the vase.
Distilled water has been treated to eliminate any contaminants, chemicals, and contaminants in the water, thereby reducing its likelihood of blistering.
It also prevents flowers from floating and clouds.
Fill the vase slowly with distilled water.
Pouring water into the vase creates agitation and bubbles, so be as gentle as possible when pouring.
End the vase to one side and drop water to one side of the container.
Be patient when pouring to prevent bubbles from forming.
Gently rotate the water in the vase with a spoon or stick to release any bubbles trapped or hidden inside the decorations or under the rock.
Tap the decorations gently and be careful not to loosen them.
Don\'t stir the water too much, it will bring more air into the liquid, which will create more bubbles.
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