Inflatable Floating Water&Aqua Park


Inflatable Floating Water&Aqua Park

Summer days,vacation days! What comes to your mind first when talking about summer? And what will you do to spend summer vacation? Water ! I bet ! Seaside beach, surfing,diving etc,all theses make summer colorful and fun. Nowadays, more and more people,especially young people and kids, prefer spending their time on inflatable floating water park(also known as aqua park). Following are some types of inflatable floating water parks.


As you can see from above pics, an aqua park is usually made up of several parts,like inflatable tower swing,inflatable bridge, inflatable totter slide,water roller and so on. It can be made into single function park, like the water slide for yacht. It can also be made into multifunctional aqua park,like the giant amusement water park or island. By searching the way to play with aqua park,people can get much pleasure and fun . You can run on it,climb up high to to top of it ,jump down to the water,swim within it’s scope or around it etc. If you prefer a cosy way,it’ll be nice to just lay down there and enjoy the sunbath. In a word,there is much fun you can obtain from the inflatable floating park. Just like a floating castle full of joy, you can enjoy your summer holiday here all day long.


Generally, the inflatable floating water park is made of environmental and strong material. In accordance with global standards, most of manufacturers use reinforced PVC tarpaulin,which is waterproof and fireproof. By applying this kind of high quality material, combined with advanced equipment and production process, manufactures can assure the safety and durability of the inflatable aqua park.


As an experienced manufacturer specialized in inflatable products, Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited dedicates to offering fine goods with considerate service.  In this summer , find joy from Joy’s inflatable floating water parks.

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