The concept of tent for large-scale activities


Large tents can help you show the unlimited creativity of outdoor activities, highlighting the distinguished and elegant outdoor activities, improve the quality of your outdoor activities, enhance your outdoor image!
Large tents can be seted in the city which people flow large commercial plaza, can be in the hotel side, you can on the lawn, or on the beach, lakeside, suburban villa garden, golf course, their own back garden, or scenic Parks and other places.
Large tent material:
1. The main material is 180oz which is rainproof, UV, flame retardant PVC tarp
Large tent structure:
1. Canopy: Canopy consists of inflatable pillar, or inflatable wall composition
2. Canopy: roof usually with 840D PVC tarp

The method for Large-scale tent how to install
1 cement floor: paved a mat cloth, surrounded by sandbags fixed
2. The ground for the loose land (grass or sand, etc.), to use nails fixed

Large tent quality characteristics:
1 Light weight, never rust
2 double-layer PVC synthetic tarpaulin, with fire, rain, high strength, long life, strong anti-wind function (in line with European safety standards)
3 large tent service life in accordance with the provisions of the State temporary architectural design specifications for the 2-3 years of actual use of life can be longer.

Large tent supporting equipment
General inflatable tent supporting accessories can be:
1. PVC transparent window: canopy standard side wall cloth is no PVC transparent window, you can choose according to need to increase the different types of PVC transparent window, such as semicircular church window, checkered window, window screen. This will make your tent look more vivid and bright.

2. PVC Tarpaulin: When you choose the full transparent PVC tarpaulin and side wall cloth, you can fully enjoy the warmth of the sun bathing in the winter, you can look at the bright stars at night, you can enjoy the transparent Tents to bring the unexpected results.
3. Activities of the door: a double open and single open two options. Each door can be easily opened or rolled up

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