The main function of inflatable tent


To put it simply,inflatable tent is, a temporary outdoor rest, accommodation, food and other shade shelter places.
Inflatable tents with anti-moisture, anti-mosquito, insulation, anti-infrared, flame retardant and so on. Inflatable tent in the pillar shape design, using the international popular style. Products with high stability, shunt strong wind, no rain water characteristics.

Inflatable tents are waterproof, windproof and we see that if the inflatable tents of poor quality when encounter natural disaster it can’t cope, but the if best quality of the tent, met bad weather is no problem for us .

Compared with the ordinary metal bracket tent, inflatable tent has its unique advantage, its light weight, small size, in the transport of ordinary metal bracket tents can’t do that. And it is very easy to set up and take down , will not waste more time and manpower, especially for rapid response in the emergency use. In harsh environment can’t arrive in time, inflatable tent can also be parachuted.

Guangzhou JOY inflatable limited specialized in producing all kinds of inflatable tent and inflatable toys, such as inflatable marquee tent,inflatable dome tent, inflatable cube tent,clear  inflatable  dome tent,inflatable camping tent for 14 years.

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