Outdoor climbing operation Suggestions


        Hi, I'm Justin, an amateur rock climber from Hong Kong, China. Many people like play maximal exercise, because they can find excitement through thrill and get happiness. I'm also a thrill seeker.

Rock climbing is a sport derived from mountaineering. It originated in the Soviet union in the 1950s, and exists in the military as a military training program. It was included in the world competition in 1974. In the 1980s, the modern competitive climbing competition with difficulty climbing began to rise and aroused wide interest.

It has been nearly 10 years since I first started climbing in 2009, and I have also started climbing indoors, following the guidance of my coach, going outside climbing, climbing without protective equipment, and planning my own route. This process took me a lot of time and energy, but I also gained a group of like-minded friends to climb together. I have accumulated a lot of experience and advice.

rock climbing

Outdoor free climbing is relatively dangerous and it’s also a test of the physical qualities of the climber. What should be paid attention to?

Before climbing, you should put on proper clothes, move your joints, relax your muscles, adjust your mind, keep yourself in a flexible state, and rely on your strength and wisdom to challenge the wall. Remember that, you must always aspire to success in climbing, and any laziness will mean failure.

climbing rock and air bag

You know, the protection of direct contact with the body always feels like a retreat, so it's not so desperately thrill. Because we like to explore purely natural routes and want to challenge ourselves against using no ropes and other protective measures, some extra protection is important. So some of my partners and I have co-financed for a protective air cushion. 

inflatable air bag for safety

Every long vacation we carry a big package and some food and equipment to explore new goals. Our goal is to have large flat, steep mountain walls (so that we can place inflatable air pads). The natural smell also helps us relax and explore in a more comfortable environment. In fact, sometimes I also enjoy the thrill and joy of being caught firmly by the air cushion after a sudden cardiac arrest when I had an accidentally drop.

The air cushion is carried in a special package and is not very large and can be transported by ordinary cars. And inflation and storage are very fast, easy to use. We ordered it from a hovercraft factory called JOYINFLATABLE, which was chosen for its variety of products and detailed and professional product introduction. you can click here to know more, with comparison may you make a proper choice. http://www.joyinflatable.com/

In regard to daily exercise, I suggest that pull-ups can increase the strength of the arms and fingers, rope skipping can exercise the flexibility and coordination of the body, table tennis and chess to cultivate good judgment, swimming exercises cardiopulmonary functions, body strength and endurance.

Outdoor rock climbing is a comprehensive exercise that challenges all the physical qualities of individual will, endurance and judgment. I hope you enjoy this sport as much as I do and that you will benefit greatly from it.


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