The Power of Dreams can be Shared in a Booth tent


The Power of Dreams can be Shared in a Booth

I used to think that my team and I wouldn't have the opportunity to show around the United States until we were 30.

Because we, as one of the many grassroots artists, do not have the funds to support us to accept more advanced in-depth education, our art comes from our inspiration itself, which is wild and unembellished. We hope to bring the power of this art to more people,

Maybe in In one place,

Or in some places,

There will be people who are glad to resonate with us, there will be people who are glad to support us, and there may even be people who are glad to sponsor us to go further.

Once the idea of our tour came up. But we don't have enough money or solid supporters to help us, because, you know, a regular room and a basic stand is not cheap to rent, and in the current situation, we have to pay for our own travel, meals and accommodation.

Until one day, we stumbled across an air-cushioned booth on the Internet, which saved us a lot of money from renting the booth. On second thought, we decided to hit the road. For a young dream

We don't want to regret it when we get old.

I think the power of dreams is shared , If you are interested in the inflatable poratble booth , here is the referential order link, you can click here  ( know more. only need to fill the air pump a booth can be built, it's easy to install and take down, That helped us a lot. This inflatable tent is durable enough to last 3 to 5 years. And we have customized the team logo in this store. It's very cool.

I don't want to give out my name, it's not a gimmick for my creations to be famous or for our paintings to be sold. I want to keep a little bit mystery of the art. 

If one day you see an exhibit like this held in a white inflatable poratble booth is around the block, go in and have a look, or if you like, buy a painting to support them, to encourage and support their creative feelings, they will be grateful, and continue to take your love on the road, to go, to the next place about dreams.


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