Why so many supplier offer very low prices for the inflatable products ?


Why so many supplier offer very low prices for the inflatable products ?

Since 2016 many small factories only with 3-5 people have also produced inflatable products, price war will disturb the normal order of the market. Many customers often ask why the inflatable products are with low price from other supplier. We also understand the customer's thoughts. After all, each customer has a different understanding of the inflatable products. If you don't understand it, you will definitely care about the price. Just look at the price, but they don’t know why it’s cheap. No one will do a loss-making business. Reason I will give you an analysis reference below:

1, The difference of the materials : the same appearance of the fabric but some have single coating and some with double coating , flame retardant, UV-resistant, tensile strength are different. People can't see it, but there is a difference of 3-10 cents USD per square meter. Take a inflatable slide for an example. On each different shape inflatable slide , the cost of each inflatable slide there is a difference of 300-500 USD /piece , about our inflatable slides. The side is 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin material, the slide part is double-layered, one layer of 0.55 material, another layer is 0.55 glossy pvc tarpaulin, some customers save cost, use 0.45 material or not glossy pvc tarpaulin. There is also a pull-tab pvc with a support structure inside, We use 1000D pvc tarpaulin but some supplier use the oxford fabric, and there is a difference of 0.5-1 USD per square meter.These are completely different. You can't see it at all from appearance, but after using it for a while, these differences will make the customer feel a headache.It will easily break down, making it difficult to ugly when get wet in the rain.

2. Cut corners inflatable slide will shorten the safe railing and reduce material costs . Some reinforced parts will be ignored, saving labor time costs. This is the common way of most bargains. After cutting corners, the cost is low and the price is low. Some customers may not care when they buy for the first time, as long as they can be used, no matter how how long it can be used, but Experienced customers not choose such products. After all, high purchase cost ,buy inflatable products is for making money for the project . It will increase the cost to buy a cheaper inflatable products and can't last 6 months.

3, For the family use ,to buy inflatable products is in order to make their children happy, safe and comfortable. For commercial ,buy inflatable products for investment is to make the project make money quickly. If even the safety factor and the basic quality assurance of the product can not be achieved, it will bring great risks to our project. Buying our products is safe and secure. Details determine success or failure.


4, Producing inflatable product is as same as make clothes, some are sewn with a sewing machine, why a high quality clothes can be sold to hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands, but some clothes can only sell for a five or ten dollar ? And for three reasons one hand is design, the other hand is materials, and one very important reason is tailor. Even if a piece of clothe look good design, the fabric is very good. If the seam is twisted and twisted, and the thread is everywhere, then the clothe only can sell with cheap price. If you want to do a good job,you can only do refinement, so the labor cost will naturally be higher, and the same is true for making an inflatable product.

5, The shape of cheap inflatable products is not beautiful, not gorgeous, this is caused by workmanship and cost.

there is a say in Chinese "you get what you pay off", and the customers who used our inflatable products are very satisfying because we pay attention to quality.

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