Installation Method and Precautions of Sewing Products


Installation Method and Precautions of Sewing Products

1、To find the empty space , long , wide and high enough to place the product

2、Clean up the site, do not have sharp objects and  high-voltage wires, pay attention to site safety factors

3、Place the cloth on the floor , the size of the cloth is larger than the inflatable product

4、Spread out the inflatable product on the floor and then flatten it

5、If it is a tent, arches, advertising models, cartoons, film screen ,Fixed at the top of the product, first tied to the top of the product line D buckle fixed, people pulled the end of the rope, if not this category , skip this step.

6、The power cord and blower is connected, pay attention to determine the voltage (110V / 220V)

7、Find the blower channel to connect the blower port, turn on the blower switch, pay attention to keep the hand dry

8、Check the product and turn off  the exhaust cap and the zipper

9、using D buckle or sandbags, water bags to fix the bottom of the product to prevent product movement

10、Wait for 3-10 minutes, the product naturally blowing

11、Check everying is find, you can start using

12、Using the tent , if there is a sudden power outage or other unforeseen circumstances, the first time to determine the personnel to leave the product.

13、Encountered strong winds, heavy rain, snow, please don’t use

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