8 Reasons of Inflatable Advertising Products Being Popular


8 Reasons of Inflatable Advertising Products Being Popular

Inflatable advertising products are widely used among marketing&advertising events. They always show up with large size,attractive appearance,sometimes even with “energetic dancing moves”. These make inflatable advertising products popular and attractive at many events. As a type of newly-developed marketing medium,it has several advantages that makes it outstanding and grows popularity soon.

1. Due to the characteristics of materials,inflatable advertising products are all customized. Customers can demand for various customized requirements,such as size,color,shape,printing etc. This allows all kinds of possibilities. And indeed quite a many creative inflatable products are created.

2. Inflatable advertising products are always large in scale. Its height can goes up to over 10 meters. Combined with colorful appearance, it can be absorbing. For marketing purpose,it does work and being effective.

3. Normally it’s made of light-weighted oxford fabric. Even with large size,it’s light and easy to be packed. Considering marketing events are held at different places,it’ll be easy for organizer to transport and install&take down inflatable advertising products.

4. Oxford fabric has good waterproof performance. So it can be cleaned up with wet cloth easily. After cleaning up and drying,it can stored and reused for a long time.

5. In most cases,it needs to be inflated by air blower continuously during use. To ensure safety,several air valves are applied. Air is injected and ejected through valves and this can keep balance internal air pressure.

6. Oxford fabric is a type of soft materials. After deflated,inflatable advertising products can be folded and packed into small package. This helps save much space.

7. Due to advanced printing technology, vivid pictures,logos can be printed on inflatable advertising products. As explained above,soft materials makes high-definition printing looks pretty good.

8. There are various colors choices of materials. Besides regular colors,many special colors are available and can match customers’ requirements perfectly.


More information of inflatable advertising products is available on link below.



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