Several Detailed Tips of Inflatable Cushion Revolution Airbag


Several Detailed Tips of Inflatable Cushion Revolution Airbag

Fans of extreme games are all over the world, mostly are young people. They pursue thrill & excitement through performing all kinds of challenging moves and sports, such as stunt jumps, BMX, MTB, skiing, free fall etc. Though extreme games are kind of dangerous, fans know how to protect themselves by upgrading safer equipment and improving skills. Due to development of technology, inflatable revolution airbag is widely used at extreme games and accepted by players & organizations.

Inflatable airbag is used as protective land for players when they falling down. Inflatable revolution airbag is normally a cushion mainly combined with two air chambers, upper chamber and bottom chamber. When one player falls down on airbag, impact is absorbed by air releasing. When hit by player, internal air will be released through several air valves around the upper chamber. At the same time, the bottom chamber helps absorb impact. After air releasing, air blower starts to work and supplement the losing air. With well-designed air-balancing system, the internal sir pressure of airbag is adjusted all the time to make sure safe and comfort air pressure. Compared with upper chamber, bottom chamber has another important role. Under some extreme circumstances, bottom chamber can protect player when upper chamber encounter any faults. To some degree, the bottom chamber is a backup safety guard.

Generally, inflatable airbags are made of reinforced PVC or Kevlar materials, which is light and strong. Since airbags are mostly used outdoors, waterproof and tear proof performance are necessary and must required. By using light materials, inflatable airbags are easy to set up, take down, pack up and transport. By using electric blowers, an inflatable airbag can be inflated & deflated within a few minutes. Given the fast pace of modern people, several minutes is quite good performance.

Besides protective land, inflatable airbag can be used as giant advertising board. Normally inflatable airbags are huge, starting at 8m*8m. At the same time, inflatable airbags are full customized products, such as color, logo printing etc. By applying replaceable top sheet and side sheets, entrepreneurs are able to perform marketing and brand promoting to the hilt. In a word, inflatable airbag is perfect combination of sports equipment and marketing board.

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