What is inflatable products


Inflatables, also known as inflatable products, are a brand new advertising media that emerged in China in the mid-1990s. Its greatest feature is its momentum. There is an irreplaceable advertising role in establishing the brand and promotion process, and it is easy to form a grand lively event. Its appearance magnifies people’s infinite imagination of products, mobilizes people’s curiosity, teases people’s desire for shopping, and brings people a strong visual impact and a relaxed and happy atmosphere by displaying vivid images and tall and lively shapes. , Deepen people's understanding of product image and brand, play a good publicity effect.

Refers to all inflatable products are with  PVC mesh materials and Oxford fabric materials .The pvc have different thickness 0.4mm ;0.45mm;0.55mm,0.6mm ;0.9mm and 1.0mm .Oxford cloth we have 210D ;420D ;640D and 840D .For the inflatable products we usually make two kinds total different workmanship.The inflatable material of PVC material is formed by high-frequency machine or sewing machine .Oxford fabric inflatable product are only can be sewed through sewing equipment.

Inflatable products are Made by  high-frequency machine such as like the inflatable floating water park we call it airtight or seal products which  is inflated with air pump and other inflatable equipment, and sealed with gas plug after inflation.

With the sewing workmanship inflatable products scuh as the inflatable inflatable slide , bouncer , castle ...we call it not airtight or no seal products which is the installation of inflatable devices such as built-in or external electric blowers, which are continuously inflated .

Compared with traditional PVC-coated fabrics, PE fabrics have the advantages of easy tearing, no debonding, and good sealing properties. The product is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to apply.

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