What are Stunt Airbags Used For?


When it comes to being adventurous, people can never sit behind and not be a part of it. But it is important to keep in mind – Safety is paramount. We all get pretty much excited when we look at people performing stunts on roads or television and one might be eager to try it as well.

Since “practice is what makes a man perfect”, it also involved in a lot of falls and failures. To ensure that these failures do not turn into fatal mishaps, stunt airbags come in real handy. Through this article, we will talk about for what purposes stunt airbags can be used.


What are Stunt Airbags?

Before we go ahead to knowing the purposes and uses of inflatable stunt bags, it is necessary to understand what they exactly are.

Stunt Airbags are basically, huge inflatable bags where stunts can be performed by individuals while practicing. These airbags come in very handy since they ensure the safety and security of the individual while they are practicing any form of extreme sports or stunts. These stunts can involve freefall, jumping, bike stunts, bungee jumping, snowboarding, and much more.

Considering its inflatable nature, these bags are extremely sturdy and solid and ensure complete safety of human beings who are falling from a great height as well. The size of these inflatable stunt bags can range from a garden size for training at home, to even Olympic size bags for professional uses. Using these bags for performing stunts is also cost-effective since it allows a person to practice whenever and wherever they want to, moreover, saving those hospital and medical bills as well.

Usage of Stunt Airbags 

Apart from stating the obvious, stunt airbags can be used for than just performing stunts at home. Let us check its usage for different people in the market.


A.Performing Stunts

This might sound obvious to many, but the truth is, as the name suggests, inflatable stunt bags are used for performing various forms of stunts safety. Be it indoors or outdoors, these bags range in different sizes, allowing people to use it for performing various stunts, which might also range from minor to high-risk stunts. These stunts can either be for entertainment, sports events, or mere leisure. Considering its mass, size and even its cushioned nature, it can hold individuals or even larger objects securely from a freefall situation, therefore, making it the perfect safety tool to perform any kind of stunts.



Some of us might not consider skiing to be a dangerous sport to require a huge inflatable airbag, but when it comes to stunts, it obviously does. Skiing does not simply involve sliding down the hill in a straight or a zigzag pattern, but it is also associated with extreme stunts performed by professionals as well as a sportsperson. We have all witnessed stunt jumps while skiing and at the edge of the slope, it is necessary to keep a stunt bag for safety purpose. This goes specifically for the ones who are practicing.

C. Freefall

Freefall is the practice of jumping off the edge, especially from a considerable height, without any form of restraint such as rope, safety pads or parachutes. It makes it obviously necessary to have something at the end of the fall. Freefalls are also considered within the category of extreme sports where people either jump from the edge of the cliff into water or on any solid ground, given that there is a safety net or a stunt airbag. Therefore, making inflated stunt airbags a necessary and important safety constituent for the sport.


D.Bike Stunts

Similar to skiing, biking is also considered within the extreme sports category, given on which terrain or how an individual is cycling. Bike stunts are famous amongst the pop culture teens who are eager to try out adventurous sports. There are various kinds of terrain where bike stunts can be performed, but when it involves jumps from a height or performing stunts in mid-air, this also requires some sort of safety. Though this sport might not always have airbags for safety, but it should be considered as a safety measure for practicing such stunts by amateurs or beginners.



Trampoline is one of the most common backyard play arenas for kids, and recently, also for adults. Trampoline is one of the best and fun activities for entertainment, but professionals also perform stunts with it. When it comes to adventurous or extreme sports, one must have notice cushioned airbags around the trampoline to ensure that the stuntman, in case of any mishap, doesn’t get much hurt. These airbags can also be used at the backyard of any house since it comes in various sizes and practiced on it. Owing to its inflatable, cushioned and bouncing nature, these airbags also come in varieties where this itself can be used as a trampoline.


F.Slopes and Ramps

It is not necessary that the inflatable stunt bags will only come in a flat form, but these can be used as slopes and ramps as well. Sloped or ramp inflated stunt airbags are much bigger in size and might not fit into ordinary smaller backyards. These large-sized airbags are used for biking or skiing purposed to either slide down from a height or ramped up for a stunt in mid-air. These bags provide a platform for practice and at the same time, ensuring the safety of the ones practicing on it. These inflated bags are slightly different than the other bags since it also provides a plane, sturdy and smooth surface to ride a bike or ski on it. But, in the slightest chance of the fall, it is not study enough to injure anyone.



Stunt airbags or also known as inflated stunt bags come in variety of purposes, shapes as well as in sizes. These airbags can be considered as a basic means of safety for stuntmen or stuntwomen who perform extreme sports or even for amateurs who are practicing in the parks and backyards. They are specially made to carry weight of a human body and when necessary, can itself be used as an apparatus for sports, entertainment and leisure moments. 

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