Some Useful Tips of Inflatable Tents


Tents are commonly used by ordinary people. And people are familiar with tents in many ways, such as the types,materials,function etc. There are mainly two kinds of tents,modular tents and inflatable tents. Since inflatable tents are getting popular these years,some people may get confused. Following details of inflatable tents help you understand more.

1.Almost all of inflatable tents are made of PVC materials. To classify the tents,normally there are two types of inflatable tents based on manufacturing techniques, sewing and welding. The biggest difference in terms of using between this two types of tents is the way its inflated. The sewing ones need to be inflated continuously during the use. The welding ones are airtight type. Once it gets inflated,it can be used foe several months. In other words,the welding ones need to be inflated every few months.

2.There are several supporting pillars(airbeams) according to different sizes tents. The space between two contiguous pillars ranges from 120cm to 300cm. LED lights can be inserted into the airbeams. And lights can be set and controlled by a remote control. In dark light,you can enjoy the beautiful light show.

3.As for sewing type tents, there may be gaps between connecting parts. To protect the tent from rain,generally transparent pvc strip is used to cover the connecting part. Since PVC material is waterproof, with the use of pvc strip,the combination makes inflatable tents have good performance of water resistance.

4.Usually, a set of repair kit and different amounts of blowers are provided with inflatable tents together. Tents may have various problems during the use. To resolve the problems,repair kit will be helpful. Under correct guidance, ordinary person can restore the tent soon.

5.Due to different power networks,different countries have different specifications regarding blowers. For example,European countries normally use blowers of 220V&50HZ, Americans use blowers of 110V&60HZ, while Middle east countries may prefer to blowers of 220V&60HZ. When purchasing inflatable tents,buyers must confirm the specification of blowers suppliers offered.

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