Introduction of Inflatable Advertising Series


Introduction of Inflatable Advertising Series

Inflatable products,especially the inflatable advertising series, is a newly-developed marketing media mode. Its inspiration of creations derives from classic cartoons,such as Disney animations, super heroes etc. Combined with popular cartoon characters and vivid inflatable appearance,inflatable adverting products are quite popular and well accepted by both investors and consumers. Inflatable advertising products can attract customers and help form festive scenes. For business events,inflatable advertising products are perfect choices.

Inflatable advertising products are all customized as per customers’ requirements,like size,shape,color,picture printing etc. During early stage,most of the inflatable advertising products are originated from cartoon characters. These inflatable series are mainly used for amusement parks and children related business. Nowadays, there are many kinds of inflatable advertising products,such as cartoon characters, simulation series, vehicle series,fruit series, animal series,famous trademarks&logos series etc. Every customers can get perfect match product according to their own ideas.

A full set of inflatable advertising normally contains 4 parts, the inflatable part,air blower or air pump, repair kit and fixing tools. Normally,when the inflatable advertising product works,it needs to be inflated by air blower continuously.

Generally,there are two main types of inflatable advertising products,moveable and fixed ones. Moveable inflatables are also known as dancing stars. This type of inflatable products are normally made into human alike shape,with two waving “arms”. When it works,it looks like a joyful dancing dancer. That’s why it’s called “air dancing star”. It’s proved that this type of advertising products are quite popular. Its height ranges from 2-3m.

Fixed inflatable advertising products can be made into various shapes,like t-shirt, beer bottle,car,shoe,balloon etc. For large entrepreneurs,they would prefer fixed inflatables. Because this type of products are large and attractive. It’s height can surpass 10m. To some degree,this type of inflatable advertising products more act as corporate image and can deliver key product feature efficiently.

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