How Do Inflatable Sewing Tent Prevent Rain


        A lot of customers are worried about  the water will come inside the tent during the event in the raining day .The pvc materials for the tent is waterproof but when we manufacture the tent we will sew the pvc materials together so that it will leave the needle eye . When catch the rainning day the water come from the needle eye into the tent .The party / weddking / exhibition were in full swing everybody enjoy it and the rain leak from the roof of inflatable tent .I believe that all people will become unhappy

      Now Guangzhou Joy Inflatable  Limited research and development the solution to solve the problem . We welded the transparent pvc strip to cover all the needle eye on the surface of the tent by welded machine in high steam and reinforcement at joint part . . 

     So you can enjoy any event with out inflatable tent in the raining day .Customer feedback works very well . 

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