Inflatable Rodeo & Mechanical Bull GUIDE


1.Inflatable Rodeo & Mechanical Bull

Power :2200W


Amps with back pressure :11A

Package size (L*W*H):200*90*180cm

2. Game :Mechanical Bull & mechanical surf board

Mechanical Bull

1. Use the key to start the control ,switch the emergency stop to put the machine into standby

2. Flick the switch spin on/off up .

Flick the switch Sensor switch down to start the sensor (Auto stop now works )

Play the music .Keep pushing the button start of the music player in 1-2 seconds to start music player .

(There are 2 modes to play the bull rode ,Manual or Auto)

A ) Play the mode Auto

A1. Flick the switch Manual/Auto down ,now its in the mode Auto.

(Stop/ start is only working under the mode Auto)

A2. Push the button Start to start the bull .The bull will move automatically in three difficulty levels (Greenhorn,Cowboy,and Ambush).Firstly the bull will keep moving in 60 second under difficulty Greenhorn automatically after you push the button start .

After 60 seconds ,the bull move faster under difficulty Cowboy and Ambush in every 60 seconds .Auto model runs 3 minutes before it stops .

A3. Turn off the machine

   Push the button Emergency stop or stop to stop the machine .Turn off the control by key

(During the mode Auto ,other manual control is not working ,expect for the stop and Emergency stop .Unless you flick the mode switch up to be manual ,if you want to play it under mode manual )

B) Play the model Manual

B1. Flick the switch Manual/Auto up ,now its mode Manual

   (Now its ok to play the bull manually )

B2. Slide the rotary switch spin speed to set spin speed .(Suggest firstly set the speed from slow to high gradually .)

B3. Slide the rotary switch Sway Speed to set the sway speed .(Suggest firstly set the speed from small to big gradually .)

B4.Control the handle stick to control the bulls movement .

   Spin Left :Spin in anticlockwise rotation

   Spin Right :Spain in clockwise rotation

   Sway(Up & down): Sway the bull

   Spain Left /Sway: Spain in anticlockwise rotation and sway in the meantime .

   Spain Right/Sway: Spain in clockwise rotation and sway in the meantime .

Push the bottom Emergency Stop to stop the game .

(During the mode Manual),the operator totally control the bulls movement,and no time limit .)

B5.Turn off the machine

   Push the button Emergency Stop to stop the machine .turn off the control by key

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