Inflatable equipment on water aim for children 6-12


Nowadays, most of the young parents with teenagers are about 30s. Thanks to social development and education degree, they are more and more open-minded and more willing to educate their children by themselves and enjoy the parent-child time with their children.

As a result, a large number of parent-child amusement programs have appeared on the market, whether it is tourism, adventure or simply in amusement parks. These projects tend to have a large consumer market. How to make rational use of these markets and seize the opportunity to realize resources is worth our consideration.

For low-cost investors, inflatable air cushion plays are good investment projects. Today we are going to introduce such a popular air cushion in China.

Inflatable Water Rolling Ball For Floating On The Water we can make the measurement according to the children and the adult. The size is 2.5m long and 2 m height. as same as the picture. We can make the inflatable water rolling ball in different transparent color and differnt color rings . The hole is with safe net to protect the children fall down the water. You can put the inflatable roller ball on the swimming pool; lake and sea.

You can feel the waves of water in a hover-roll bucket, and younger children are not at risk of falling into the water. You can feel the breeze and roll around like a hamster inside. As can be seen from the actual pictures of our products, the workmanship of various accessories and details is perfect.

Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited dedicated to the development of a series of convenient, strong and beautiful household or public air cushion products, the inflatable medical tent is one of the popular series. It’s prominent outside, strong and big inside.

If you are interested in small cost investment, and optimistic, others very interested in parent-child related investment projects, here is the shopping link of our factory, you can click here know more.

Product test video and the detailed material, appearance, construction, and advantage explanation are all in it. We also have a series of other air cushion products that are highly evaluated. Click in and take a look.

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