How do entrepreneurs choose a reasonable set of mobile water park facilities?

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-12

there are more and more mobile water parks in the market, even those who have been engaged in mobile water parks for many years are somewhat at a loss. But choosing a mobile water park is so important, how to choose a mobile water park?

one, don't blindly pursue low prices

usually the price of the new mobile water park is higher than that of traditional equipment, new products often improve the materials used in the products and solve some potential problems of old products. Therefore, we suggest that operators do not blindly control their own capital costs, but choose some old products with obvious shortcomings. Although this can save money for early bumper ships, it is not worth it if they encounter quality problems in the future.

Second, the more you operate a mobile water park, the better. There are many kinds of equipment, which can really extend the customer's play time to a certain extent; But sometimes it is too late. Too many mobile water parks, coupled with lack of attention to governance, can easily cause security risks. Therefore, operators still need to make reasonable arrangements according to the size of the venue and ensure that each equipment is reserved for the rest, which can also enhance the tourism experience. For example, there are too many bumper cars in the field, which is easy to cause accidents.

third, mobile inflatable water park is not the better, the more suitable for their own business. Sometimes, the operation of entertainment is too similar, but it will cause a lot of unnecessary competition, so their customer groups are separated. Therefore, operators should not only observe whether they have new ideas when choosing products, but also understand the market situation and choose and compare fairly according to their own situation.

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