Must-knows of Inflatable Mechanical Bull Rodeo Mat


Must-knows of Inflatable Mechanical Bull Rodeo Mat
Cowboy movies are well known and liked by passionate young people and kids. There are many excellent west cowboy films,such as Unforgiven, High Noon etc. These are fantastic pictures which shows us a wild &glamorous west world. Also, cowboy roles are well accepted.
Due to all kinds of restriction in reality, it’s no easy to live a life like movies. While there are indeed some means which can help you make dream come true. Temporarily ,of course. You can take a travel to the west American and experience local life style there. Also you can ride a horse and range around the wild nature. But for most people,they’d rather take a ride on mechanical bull game. This game is exciting and challenging. To say the least,it’s even harder than riding a real horse or bull. How come does this game become attractive? Following details may explain all.
1.    Normally this game contains three primary parts,a mechanical bull,an inflatable protective mat and a control station board. The mechanical bull is where you ride on and challenge yourself. The soft inflatable mat is below and around the bull,which can protect you when you falling down from the bull. Through the control station,you can set several types of playing methods.
2.    In most cases,the mat’s size is 5m in diameter. With this size,people can enjoy the game and do not feel crowded. The inflatable mat is mainly made of PVC material,which is fireproof and waterproof. What’s more,PVC material is soft&strong enough that it can protect players in a comfortable way.
3.    The mechanical bull and the control stand is matched up as a complete combination. Generally there are two motion modes of the bull,auto and manual. Before starting,player needs to select one challenging mode. Through the control stand,you can make the bull shake up and downs,spin left and right. There are three choices of speed control,slow,medium and fast. An advice, set the speed from slow to fast gradually.     
4.    The mechanical is powerful.The specifications shows its strength. Its power is 2200W, voltage is AC 100V-240V, amps with back pressure is 11A. With powerful motor,people can experience excitement and joy on the mechanical bull.

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