Guide for Inflatable cube & dome Tent


Inflatable tent is a kind of tent, using the principle of structural mechanics design framework, the use of gas pressure characteristics of the balloon expansion to form a certain rigid cylinder, through the organic combination of the tent to hold up the skeleton.

With the strength of the skeleton material used, you can set the size of the tents, the use of polymer composite materials, the performance of the advantages and disadvantages of the framework of the shelf life of the frame and the maintenance of the rigid, It determines the support of the framework of the limit. Mainly used for moisture, water, wind, dust, sunscreen, disaster relief, field short-term training, Wedding Party Event ,exhibition .

Fabric material: Oxford cloth or  PVC 

Pillar Material: Oxford cloth or PVC 

Adaptation temperature: -40 ° - + 65 ° 

Withstand Wind : 6-8 level 

Hydrostatic pressure: hydrostatic pressure ≥ 16kpa 

Anti - surface water: 160-200mm 

Inflatable time: 2-30min (with the size of the tent changes)

Technology :

Sewing machine for Cube silver tent and high-frequency heat combined for dome tent with the process of production, gas column with PVC double-sided coated cloth, tarpaulin waterproof, anti-ultraviolet materials, with fast forming, high strength, fire, mildew, anti-ultraviolet, moisture Etc. Tent for the inflatable tent, tent frame for the gas column structure, compared with the general metal bracket tent, with a light, folded after the small size, easy to carry and so on.


Relatively speaking, the construction of inflatable tents is very convenient, only need to tents on the open space, connected to the foot pump or electric pump, just two, in a few minutes to set up.

Folding removal 

In the removal is the same, the metal stent removal and packaging required by the number of more time-consuming are relatively long. And inflatable tents in the demolition only need to let its natural deflated, or electric blower suction can be


Folding advantages


Therefore, compared to ordinary metal bracket tent, the inflatable tent has its unmatched advantages, its light weight, small size, in the transport with ordinary metal bracket tent does not have the advantage. And its erection and removal are very simple, will not waste more manpower and time, especially for emergency response in the emergency use. In the harsh environment can not be reached when the inflatable tent can also be empty.



You can install or disassemble in a very short time to save you valuable time; better insulation, inflatable tents with high quality pvc waterproof canvas, tear resistance, better tensile strength, anti-aging Better sex, long service life. In the weight and 8 wind load under the safe use of continuous service life of more than 2 years.



The main function 

Anti-moisture, anti-mosquito insulation, anti-infrared, flame retardant and so on. The tent but in the column shape of the design, the use of international popular form. Products with high stability, shear shunt strong wind, no rain water characteristics.


Assembly knowledge 

First choose a ground flat place, and then open the packaging, the inflatable tent tiled on the ground, with high-pressure inflatable pump began to inflate, four corners were standing alone, pulling the rope to prevent the focus can not stand flat until until Finally, the ground anchor, the wind rope tightened.


common problem 

Q: What about inflatable tents? 

A: If you find a leak, you can wipe the air column first, then apply the surface with soapy water to check the leak. Leakage point If it is a small hole, you can use a small piece of circular maintenance cloth (any specifications of the inflatable tents inside the standard), and then brush dispensing, to be dry after the paste on the leak, The If the leak at the gas column heat seal at the opening of plastic, can be divided into the following steps:


1, first clean up the bonding surface. 

2, Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited of the inflatable tents will be issued to the bottle of glue, inflatable tent column dedicated plastic, it will be painted on the pre-adhesive surface, must be painted evenly, the thickness of the appropriate brush map twice, you can Sticked up. 

3, the shape of the mouth to be designed into a circular or oval, try to avoid the square and acute angle interface shape, lap width can not be less than 30mm. 

4, to be glue after evaporation, can be bonded, patch to be flat, no wrinkles, rolling, scraping, while the supply of heat with the hair dryer, easy to bond. Adhesive after 6 hours can be inflated.



1, in the mud or sand on the installation, you can dig around the military tents ditch to ensure that the ground dry ground. 

2, in order to cook in the tent, be sure to let the flame away from the tarpaulin or fire board to isolate the flame, cooking people can not leave the tent, usually do a fire plan, and install the exhaust fan to remove fumes. 

3, predict the local wind more than eight or more, please remove the wedding tent in advance. So as to avoid unnecessary losses. 

4, cotton tent storage must be dry before the tarpaulin, until it is dry and then folded storage, too late to cool the tarpaulin, remember that we can not keep a long time, so as not to color and mildew. 

5, depending on the local humidity and climate conditions, regular drying tarpaulin, in order to avoid breeding bacteria, disaster relief tents rain coating was destroyed.


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