some advice on Big base weight loss


         Hi, Im Legas ,A fleshy girl whos gradually becoming slim now. Love beauty is a girl's nature, and losing weight is what we fight for all our lives. Not only for beauty, but also for health, for a girl of my weight. If you're a big weight loser, maybe my experience will help. 

I started losing weight at the end of may and have lost 21.3 pounds so far. There was a noticeable change in my body shape. 

I think every fat girl's knee is as battered as mine. Probably because it stuggles to support my weight, my knee can be easily injured when I exercise. So it's hard for me to keep up with sports like running, not to mention those that require agile reflexes.

At first I thought I have to reduce my weight to a proper range before I consider getting into shape. Yoga is a better way to lose weight. It can help you speed up your metabolism by adjusting your circulation. And it's not like strenuous exercise like running makes you more hungry. The same goes for excessive dieting, where hunger is associated with an easy rebound.

General yoga mat is not soft enough for me, so I found a professional air cushion manufacturer's air cushion. This air cushion is shown on the brochure as gymnastics. I like the big air cushion. It doesn't matter whether you roll or jump on it. I also fell in love with stretching. It was so comfortable to put myself in all kinds of shapes after exercise. The feeling of sweating made me imagine how many pounds I would lose this time.

Actually it is also a cool way to beat the summer heat. My brother would blow it up then shove it into the outdoor pool, which is actually no different from an air cushion floating bed. We had a very cool and refreshing time in the pool this summer. Swimming is also great aerobic exercise, but it's easy to get tired. I usually walk slowly in the pool for half an hour if I want to exercise.

I hope it can be of use for you, I sincerely recommend this inflatable stunt air bag from Joyinflatable Factory. You can buy the air cushion from its site, the delivery is also very nice. And I will place the link here. You can click here to know more about its products. If you want you may also find one as good as this one. 

Remember to exercise more than an hour a day, quit snacking, eat less dinner and you'll lose weight fast. Looking forward to you sharing your weight with me.


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