Inflatable tent accessories sleeping bag buying skills

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-12

Sleeping bags are also a must-have accessory for overnight camping. Some inflatable tent sleeping bags are equipped, but most of them need to be purchased separately. There are generally three types of sleeping bags according to their shapes, mummy-type sleeping bags, envelope-type sleeping bags and human-shaped sleeping bags. .

The mummy-type sleeping bag has a better thermal insulation effect. This sleeping bag has wide shoulders and narrow feet, the shoulder width is generally 75 to 85 cm, and the foot width is 45 to 45 cm. 55 cm, which is a design that combines weight, volume and better thermal insulation. There is generally an elasticated head pocket above the shoulders to prevent heat loss from the head. Some brands have even designed a three-dimensional thickened shape on the foot, which makes the foot warmer and the space more comfortable.

The shoulders of the envelope sleeping bag are as wide as the feet, like an envelope, and the envelope sleeping bag is almost only used in fleece sleeping bags or simple styles of sleeping bags. , the general size is 225*80CM, such a sleeping bag is relatively loose, suitable for the warm summer season and people with a large body, because its shoulder and bottom shape can not effectively prevent the loss of body heat, and a big advantage is that it is active The space is free, suitable for friends who do not sleep well.

The human-shaped sleeping bag is more comfortable, because the human-shaped sleeping pad can be used to wear it, so it can be worn when sleeping and eating. It is the real gospel.

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