In the first half of 2019, the mobile water park will promote the upgrading of the amusement consumption industry!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-05

with the development of society and the improvement of living standards, the nature of entertainment services is also quietly changing. The weight of the restaurant will not change the environment and taste. Travel does not care whether spending money is interesting. Entertainment is no longer limited to this project. Playability is more about the details of the service, so water games and entertainment are no longer just a swimming pool game. To improve the service level, improve the service level, attract more high-end consumers, increase diversified consumption space, improve the flow of water. World income.

mobile inflatable water park service planning, from peripheral advertising to customer multi-channel ticketing (Online ticket purchase, group purchase website ticket purchase, group purchase ticket), Theme Project Planning ( Water inflatable water slide shape, bracket swimming pool, bracket pool purification)Equipment, etc)Water supply equipment matching plan ( Inflatable toys, water house Water House, hydrophilic table, awning)From the water security personnel security support ( Swimming ring, lifeguard training, life-saving emergency equipment)To the casual cold drink bath package (Dressing room, bathroom, cold drink, hydrophilic bar) , From the surrounding parking package to personal storage of personal items (Hand lockers, one card consumption package) Have a detailed experience, provide a full set of players to move the water world intimate, safe, meticulous, happy all-round service, for the project to obtain a wider range of profits.

there are large shopping malls and shopping malls near the square, which have enough popularity to attract consumers, promote publicity in place, learn more people, and people will go up, it's hard to make money.

The price is reasonable and varied. You can set a reasonable price according to the consumption of local people, and book tickets for the whole family, lovers, many times and gifts.

New amusement equipment, replacement of old and outdated equipment, such as inflatable castle, inflatable inflatable water slide, faucet slide, lobster Park, submarines, bracket pool surfing points, etc. are relatively new, people like it. There are also some sports football equipment that are popular with people.

In the past few decades, inflatable park production has increased because of the use of inflatable theme park.
Guangzhou JOY Inflatable Limited will make a healthy profit for its owners and provide a rewarding work environment for its employees.
We utilize our expertise to develop services that add value at each phase of theinflatable theme park development cycle. We evaluate and implement new strategies in response to changing customer profiles and market conditions.

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