rent a bull Creative Ideas on How to Make a Bull Costume

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-18

Finding a unique costume for Halloween can be a challenging and expensive task.In addition to spending money at Halloween stores and department stores, there are many ways to make your own outfits.A great choice for a variety of celebrants, from young animal lovers to adults who are looking for a humorous look.The base or body that makes the garment is one of the most important steps in making the homemade bull garment.For a simple basis, wear a hooded jersey and sweat pants, a dress in pajamas, or a simple shirt and casual pants of the same color.For the most convincing bull costume, stick with colors reminiscent of true bull tones such as black or dark gray.Ears and horns are characteristic of clothing and help others to know that the wearer of clothing is dressed up as a bull.Cut ears and horns with brown and cream-colored felt.For clothing with a hood, stick ears and horns to the edge of the hood using lines and needles or hot glue.Sewing ears and corners on a dark headband or hat or sticking them together provides another way to add a unique part to the bull costume.Once the main parts of the costume are put together, it's time to focus on the details.Covering shoes with black or dark gray felt helps to transform regular shoes into a part of the garment.Dark face paint, as well as a black spray on the nose, helps dress wearers look more like a bull.For the last touch, use a gold or yellow facial paint to draw a circle under the nose and create a bull circle without the pain of a real piercing.While it's certainly fun to dress up as a bull itself, this outfit is also perfect for matching other outfits, which is a great choice for friends or couples.Give the outfit some Spanish style by juggling or using matador costumes and flamenco dancers.Go out through and dress up as friends of other barn animals or farmers to capture the look of the farm.
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