Beyond the Drama/Trauma Playing Field of Life - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-29
Beyond the Drama/Trauma Playing Field of Life  -  see-saw
Are you playing on TV?saw as a child?Growing up, my little brother and I spent hours pushing each other on this playground.When one of us presses the boards in the dirt, we take turns holding each other in the air.Until it becomes boring;Or we'll see if we can take this opportunity.
See rest, balance each otherUntil it becomes boring;Or we will see-I saw it up and down-until it was boring.It never failed.I saw it, like a swing and a happygo-In the park near us, it was boring soon., the see-Look up and down.Its nature is real.It performs exactly the same as the design.
Some of us work the same way we see it.
It is called "human nature," and its job is to keep the status quo-the status quo that exists.It was all good until one day we woke up and decided that the habitual "affairs state" was boring and limited.Because we forget the time and the way we originally created the status quo (these choices lost consciousness a few years ago), we lost how to create new and different things in life.
If you are called Finance in your life, you will be constrained by the belief that limits your cash flow --I saw it up and down.That's what you do with your cash flow.You will have a surplus for a month/year and you will not have enough surplus for the next month/year.Or in a relationship, if you are always in the circle of habitual emotional reactions, then your relationship will feel like a happy person --go-round.
Every time you enter a new relationship, you will swear that you will not repeat the same "mistakes" of the past, but soon the challenge will become too familiar.Or swing back and forth from too much worry, stress, "if" to negative selfToo much or not enough?Because you are always waiting for each other's shoes to fall, life is full of happiness every day.Feel familiar?As the status quo ".Who decides the "status quo" in our lives "?We did it when we were very young.
According to our childhood experience, we decide what is right and what is wrong.We choose our beliefs, our ideas, our values, and then support them with our thoughts and feelings.We have created a world view in which everything is controllable, understandable and meaningful to our humanity.
More importantly, these habitual emotions, thoughts, beliefs, adjustments and perceptions make us feel safe.But what if I no longer want to enjoy a feast or famine in my finances?Or the old relationship problem?Success in my life?Can I change the status quo?The short answer is yes ".The longer answer is a process of discovering and discovering beliefs that fuel your cognition, learning new skills from yourselfMaster into an expanded field of play and choose to play different games.
Think about the default settings on your computer.Before you consciously change the settings that come with your computer, you get the manufacturer's settings.Our consciousness is equally effective.Unless you consciously set another default setting for what you want/desire-like a broad dream, wealth, health, and happiness;Or a new approach to relationships with spouses/family/friends --Then do what is needed to rewire, realign, and redirect the level involved --You will not operate outside the playground by default in your life.
Change, desire to change, or try to changeSound hopeless?Well, it’s not.Because you are more responsive than you are.There is a bigger reality in addition to the theater/trauma playground.
I call it a co-created venue.
The status quo here is growth, expansion and revelation.There are no rides that make you dizzy from nausea.Soul-your divinity is in charge of this field of play, and it is possible to be filled with new consciousness at every moment.
To enter this new field of survival, observation, action, and thought, I gave the process a name: to be a spiritual scientist.For the sake of their lives, together create heaven on earth.But is it fun?Or is it hard?It depends on how you handle the process.
Joy, expansion, satisfaction and love, the part of you "playing safely", now experiences a new point of reference for safety and security.Excitement replaces fear with Grace at every step.There is a very interesting stage in the process of transforming the caterpillar into a butterfly.
In the butterfly stage, the "imaginary cell" of the butterfly template already exists.But cocoons, thinking that the imaginary cells are foreign, try to destroy them.However, because these cells are the cells that the pupal must become, the process will not be destroyed.
These imaginary cells are more powerful than the knee jump reaction that destroyed them.You have a "blueprint cell" within you that has another way of life "...... And the power of your divine self, which cannot be destroyed.
The inner power is becoming stronger and stronger.Then, magically, when the process is completed, something that has always existed but is hidden inside appears.Then you will become who you really are: alive with radiant, complete, healing, power, and joy!.
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