12㎡ Standard Disaster Relief Tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-24
1. Product introduction:

This product is produced according to the standard of 'Disaster Relief Tent Part II'. Disaster relief tents are mainly used in disaster areas. It can also be customized for other temporary accommodation and office use.

2. Product parameters:

1. Tent style and specifications:

The tent is a double-slope vertical wall construction form, the side wall can be used as a awning, and a ventilation window is opened on the rear gable. There are two square windows on both sides of the wall, and there is a screen door at the door, the window and the screen door.

The tent frame is a plug-in frame structure, and there are floor rails all around the bottom of the column. It can be used safely under the action of its own weight and 8th grade wind load.

The tent is 3.7m long, 3.2m wide, 2.67m high, and 1.75m high.

The usable area is 12.2.

2. The main material of the tent:

The fabric is made of 666texx66tex polyester filament PVC coated cloth, sky blue;> The connecting pipe fittings such as tee and cross are welded steel pipes with a diameter of 28mmX1.0m;

3. Appearance quality of the hood:

There is no fading, color fading and flowing ink phenomenon during the rainproof performance test or the use process.

4. Packing:

The inner packaging of the hood and accessories is made of mesh-like tarpaulin fabric, and the hood and accessories are assembled together, and the inspection list and product packaging are placed in the body packaging. Instructions for use with single and tent; stalks individually packaged.

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