Outdoor camping safety precautions

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-12

Friends who like outdoor travel inevitably want to camp outdoors, and outdoor camping faces many safety challenges. Next, the editor has compiled some solutions for you to deal with the problems in camping. It is a well-known inflatable tent manufacturer at home and abroad.

1. Direction problem

Before traveling, you should comprehensively collect the map and related information of the activity area, and make a preliminary understanding of the local geographical environment and landmarks. Use the contour map to analyze the intended itinerary and determine the direction of travel.

2. Waterproof problem

When traveling in the rainy season or in rainy places, be fully prepared for waterproofing, otherwise, when your change of clothes, batteries, cameras, food, etc. Getting wet can be troublesome. The specific method is to bring more clean food bags and garbage bags. Food bags can hold food, and garbage bags can store items and other daily necessities that are afraid of moisture. Also, bring a raincoat and waterproof shoes. If you are camping, you can choose to produce small military inflatable tents, which are characterized by rainproof, windproof, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, easy to carry, open and fast to store. Space is also saved by eliminating the need for conventional struts.

3. Drinking water problem

During short trips, excluding the water needed for cooking, each person needs roughly 2 liters of drinking water per day, which can generally be prepared before departure. And if it is a long-distance crossing, you need to fetch water from streams and lakes, but you must observe the water pollution and smell it with your nose for any peculiar smell. To master the method of filtering field water, after disinfection, boiling and drinking. Do not drink raw water directly.

Four. Fire problem

Be sure to bring at least two sources of fire before traveling: lighters, matches, etc. If the firewood is wet on rainy days, you can split the rough wood and take the dry wood from the middle, so it is best to bring a sharp tool such as a machete. If possible, it is best to bring picnic stoves and fuel tanks.

5. Site selection for camping

Attention should be paid to the site selection for camping. Do not set up tents in low valleys, under cliffs, or in open areas. Of course, a good quality tent will not let you encounter the embarrassment of rain leakage and strong wind.

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