Outdoor activities to find water sources and drinking common sense

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-13

If you encounter water outages in outdoor camping, you must learn to find water sources and fetch water. The following small series will give you a detailed introduction. It is a well-known inflatable tent manufacturer with more than 10 years of development history.

Usually rainwater can be taken for drinking. When it rains, you can use steel helmets, empty cans, and water bottles to catch rainwater. These containers are placed on clean stones, otherwise mud will splash into them. Or dig a 30-40cm hole on the ground, spread it with a plastic sheet to catch water, and press the edge of the plastic sheet with stones. If there is no reliable drinking water, learn to judge the quality of water quality based on its color, smell, temperature, etc. Specifically, you can use a glass to hold water for observation. The clearer and purer the water is, the more muddy the water is, the more impurities there are. In general, yellow water contains humus, light blue water contains hydrogen sulfide, and light green-blue water contains low-valent iron compounds. , yellow-brown water contains high price of iron or manganese.

Clean water is odorless, and water with some odor is polluted. Salty water contains salt, metal rust-like water contains higher iron content, rotten egg smell is water containing hydrogen sulfide, bitter-taste water indicates magnesium sulfate, rotten, stinky, moldy, fishy, u200bu200band medicinal. Water contains organic matter. In order to more accurately identify the smell of water, you can pour the water into a clean small bottle, pour half the bottle of water, then shake it a few times, and smell it with your nose immediately after opening the lid. Or put the bottle in hot water at about 60°C. If you smell a strange smell in the water, it is polluted water and cannot be drunk.

The water temperature of the surface water varies with the temperature. The water temperature of organically polluted rivers will be much higher. You can drop the water on a piece of white paper, wait for the water to dry, and observe the water traces. Clean water has no stains. If there are many impurities in the water, there will be stains in poor water quality.

If you find water flowing from weeds in the wild, don't drink it. You can drink the clean water flowing from cliff cracks or rocks. The water in the river or lake needs to be filtered before drinking. You can dig a hole in the sand one meter away from the water, and there will be water seepage. The seepage water is cleaner than the water in the river or lake directly taken out. Carry drinking water disinfection tablets and bleaching powder tablets with you to purify water. In addition, no matter how thirsty you are, you cannot directly drink water that looks clean in the wild. You must boil the water before drinking.

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