Introduction of outdoor tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-13

Reference price: 599-899

Tent size: 2 people

Tent structure: double-layer outdoor inflatable tent

Construction situation: need to be built

Expand Size (L*W*Hcm): 132(front width)*107(rear width)*218(length)*105(height)

Adaptation Season: Four Seasons Tent

Space Structure: One-bedroom

Bottom material: 40D tear-resistant nylon plaid

Outer tent material: 20D double-sided silicone oil tear-resistant nylon


Waterproof index of outer account: more than 3000MM waterproof index of bottom of account: more than 3000MM

Bracket material: aluminum alloy

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Netizen comments: I bought this, and I liked his dual silicon, weight and space, because the ones with me are lightweight, I am only 1.7 meters and 58 kilograms, sleep Easy for 2 people.

Netizen comments: I only use the external tent to leak air everywhere. I also like to use the four-season tent in summer, just because I don't like to leak everywhere, unless I camp at a low altitude in summer. In summer, there are too many mosquitoes at low altitudes, so one time is enough; I feel that Jingxing's outer tent is a little far from the ground, and I am worried that the inner tent will splash water when it rains, and there will be wind leakage


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