Inflatable tent manufacturers remind you to pay attention to sun protection in summer

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-23

Inflatable tents and bouncy castles are basically one family, but the details are slightly different.

For example, pay attention to sun protection and shade in summer.

Spring and autumn are good seasons for bouncy castles to operate, followed by summer and average in winter. Of course, this refers to outdoor operations, indoor operations, and the seasons of the year vary. Not so obvious.

When it comes to the sunscreen and sunshade of the bouncy castle, it does not mean that the product is afraid of heat, because the PVC material used in the bouncy castle can withstand cold at -40℃ and heat resistance at 70℃ , the temperature under natural conditions cannot pose a threat to the bouncy castle itself.

What we are talking about here is that the operator should provide a play environment with sun protection and sunshade. It is very hot in summer. After these PVC materials are exposed to the sun, the surface is The temperature is as high as 30-40 ℃, and children wear thin clothes in summer, and a lot of skin is exposed. This tender skin will cause discomfort in this condition. This is the second thing. The key is that under such conditions , no children will come to play.

Therefore, the editor reminds you that when operating a bouncy castle in summer, be sure to find a shady place, or build a simple pergola, and operate some on the edge of the castle Beverages for relieving summer heat and quenching thirst are convenient for purchase, which not only provides convenience for children, but also increases business income.

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