The Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident - meltdown

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The Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident  -  meltdown
This should not happen.In 1954, the United States Congress passed the Atomic Energy Act, a law that allowed for the first time the exchange of basic information on atomic energy for civilian purposes, making the development of nuclear energy possible.The bill will usher in a new era in the history of the United States, as the Atomic Energy Commission authorizes the construction of more than 100 commercial nuclear power plants around the United States in the next 20 years, general Electric and Westinghouse compete for lucrative contracts to build nuclear power plants.The Commission stressed that nuclear power is a safe and effective alternative to coal-fired power plants.
All of this will change in the early morning of March 28, 1979 on the bank of Suzanne.There were 40 in March 1979.Seven nuclear power plants in the early stages.After Three Mile Island, they were all canceled and none of the USS.
After 37 years, the factory has been built.Less than three weeks after the Hollywood epic "China syndrome" was released, the most serious accident in the history of commercial nuclear power in the United States occurred at the TMI nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.The accident on the island of Three mile is like a scene in the movie, which includes Elliot Lowell, a physics professor against nuclear energy, who claims that if the fuel rods at the core of the nuclear reactor overheat, they will melt on the floor of the factory in a few minutes, releasing enough radioactivity, "so that such a large area of Pennsylvania will never be able to live.
It's a strange coincidence that Lowell uses Penn as a comparison.The island will become a major national crisis caused by mistakes, negligence and misjudgment.Now, the image of the cooling tower of the Three mile Island has become allUS nuclear lobbyists.
The problem with the Three mile Island actually started around four o'clock A.M. on March 28, 1979, when the important cooling water began to flow out through an open valve for the new reactor of Unit 2, and in the next two hours, the plant operator did not read the symptoms correctly, did not close the valve and incorrectly closed the emergency cooling of the automatic operation, resulting in overheating of the reactor coreThe worst nuclear disaster in American history is being hit by the sun.up.For nearly a year, the Three mile Island nuclear power plant has been quietly generating electricity in the middle of the Susanna River.
Just ten miles from Harrisburg State capital and less than 100 miles from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.By the early morning of Wednesday, March 28, as the reactor temperature reached 4,300 degrees Fahrenheit, the core part of the exposure of Unit 2 of Three mile Island began cooking.The news of the accident first came to the public on the radio report.
Deputy Governor William Scranton assured everyone that the owner of the plant, Metropolitan Edison, controlled the situation and that no radiation was released outside the plant.When Scranton left the podium, he would later know that the radiation had been released and no longer relied on Metropolitan Edison to get the information needed for decision-making.The crisis will last for five days, putting the country at risk.
What will happen in Bali in the next five days will be history, as scientists are busy stopping the nightmare of disaster, government officials are rushing to quell public fears, and thousands of residents have fled to emergency shelters.Perhaps the worst moment of the crisis was when The Associated Press released an emergency news announcement saying that hydrogen bubbles in the damaged reactor were about to explode.Americans living around nuclear power plants live on the edge of a razor when the crisis breaks out.
The U.
The Department of Energy released the worst.State officials explained that if the explosion opened the containment, the radiation at the lethal dose would leak.A state official predicted that the "extremely high" radiation dose rate per hour would be released.
This is fatal for anyone living near the factory.Radiation from 500 rem per hour is considered a lethal dose.President Carter visited Bali.President Carter visited Three mile Island to help contain the crisis and calm public concerns about the affected factory on Sunday after the disaster.
Carter, a former nuclear submarine officer, may be more familiar with the work of the reactor than any president before or after taking office.When he inspected the damage around the factory, he showed great courage.At a press conference held in Middletown after the visit, Carter urged the public to remain calm if they called for evacuation.
Carter's visit will mark the end of the crisis.In the afternoon, scientists finally determined that the reactor core was stable.Residents began to return home slowly.Although they were told that a small amount of radiation was released in the accident, they would be suspected in the years after the accident.
Three years after the accident, the reactor of Unit 2 was destroyed.Three years after the accident, a robotic camera was put into the core of Unit 2 of the Three mile Island and saw for the first time what happened in the early morning of 1979.Roger senior engineer Roger Matterson described the situation revealed: "We had a meltdown on the island of Three mile.
The core of 50% is destroyed or melted, and something about 20 tons of uranium finds the bottom of the pressure vessel.This is a core crash.No problem."The reactor leaked a lot of radioactive material, but most of it was controlled.The clean-up will cost billions of dollars and will continue to ship the last batch of hazardous materials out of the factory by 1993.
The Clean-up and Cover-The "big lie" is that the public was told that the radiation release on the island of Three mile was "insignificant ".\ "But the stack monitor on the Three Mile Island needed to monitor radiation is saturated and unusable, and the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) later told Congress that it does not know, and still does not, how much radiation was released on the island of three mile, or where the radiation went.The public was told that the reactor core of Unit 2 did not melt inside.
But later robotic cameras showed that a large part of the fuel core did melt, with 20 tons of uranium, to be exact.The public was told there was no need to evacuate anyone from the area.But Penn governor Richard Thornberg ordered the evacuation of pregnant women and children from the area near Bali.
Unfortunately, a lot of people were sent to nearby Hershey and Hershey received the aftermath.In fact, the whole area should be evacuated immediately.The public is assured that the government will conduct a detailed study of the health history of residents in these areas.
In fact, Penn has hidden the effects on health, but they can't cover up the obvious doubling of infant mortality in nearby Harrisburg, etc.Using unconfirmed estimates of how much radiation was released, the government issued an average dose allegedly received by the people of the region and assured the public of safety.However, these estimates are completely meaningless, ignoring, among other things, the possibility that high doses of concentrated radiation may decline significantly in specific areas.
The official estimate is that the average dose for all people in the area is equivalent to a chest x-ray.But pregnant women are no longer x-Because it has long been known that a single dose can cause catastrophic damage to the embryo or fetus in the uterus.The most reliable research was conducted by local residents such as Jane Lee and Mary Osborne.
to-Is considered the door of the worst block.Their survey pointed out another way to show very serious plagues such as cancer, leukemia, birth defects, respiratory problems, hair loss, rash, lesions, etc.In the mouth of locals within 10 miles of Bali, historical evidence is devastating.
A large number of people in central Pennsylvania suffered sunburn, skin sores and injuries when they went out because the aftermath fell on them.Many residents soon developed huge, visible tumors, breathing problems, and a metallic taste in their mouths, just like some people who dropped bombs on Hiroshima, and those who have conducted nuclear tests in the South Pacific and Nevada (atomic soldiers.An investigation by a doctor of EpidemiologyStephen Wing of the University of North Carolina and others pose significant challenges to official reports about radiation release and health effects.
Former nuclear industry official and authoritative expert in nuclear engineering, ANI gundson, said: \ "when I correctly explained the peak of containment pressure after the accident on the Three mile Island and the dose measured in the environment, I have proven that the release of the Three mile Island is about 100 times higher than what the industry and the Nuclear Management Board (NRC) claim, partly due to a containment leak.In fact, all safety shells are known to leak due to all the pipes and electrical pipes that go through the walls.The cost of sealing all of this penetration is thought to be too high, so the federal regulator allows for a degree of leakage.
Other experts estimate that the radiation release of the Three mile Island may be thousands of times as much as the NRC estimates, and how crazy it is for an industry to build such a structure, because it knows that radiation may escape from the structure designed to hold radiation.The nuclear crisis in Bali marks high.Water standards for nuclear power plants in the United States.After Three Mile Island, no new permits were issued for the construction of nuclear power plants.
We can only hope that we can follow the footsteps of Germany and start to shut down all the nuclear power plants in the United States and find another way to create our electricity before things happen and we can't clean it up.Ironically, like Chernobyl, Unit 2 of Three mile Island is a state-of-the-art reactor.Officially opened on December 28, 1978 and melted in three months.
If it is running longer, it is almost certain that the cumulative radiation spewing from its core will be much larger."Big lies" are still formal wit.Three mile Island is "success story" because no one was killed "."But in a flash, the new reactor changed from a $0.
9 billion asset to more than one.
Billions of dollars in debtEvery reactor running in the United States nowS.Older, Unit 2 of the Three mile Island has melted for 30 years, and their potential radiation may dwarf the decline in 1979.In order to further emphasize the horror experienced by the people of Central Pennsylvania during the crisis, the legend of the time --CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite commented shortly after the event on Three mile Island, warning that "the world has never known a day like it is today.
It faces considerable uncertainty and danger of the most serious nuclear power plant accidents in the atomic age.The horror of tonight is that it could get worse.If Three Mile Island happens today, we will get a data.
A new feature center that fully evaluates any damage or threat.The accident helped the Department of Energy set up a new expert group whose only job was to simulate how dangerous fine particles from nuclear radiation or chemical explosions are because they would float across our landscape.The National Atmospheric Release Laboratory, located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is our defense facility to prevent nuclear and chemical accidents or attacks.
It was created after the Three Mile Island crisis.At the time of the crisis, no one was able to determine exactly how much tasteless, invisible radiation was released, and where it drifted.The sensors used to measure radioactive release were submerged and the instruments installed in the plant were not designed to handle the scope and scale of the release of the Three mile Island.
As the intermittent emissions of radioactive gases fall into the sky and the results become blurred, one will never really know what happened on the Susanna River in the early morning of March 1979.Never fully understand the Three mile Island accident in unknown territory.Gray, Mike.Warning: The Three mile Island accident is a nuclear omen in the era of terror.
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