the bubble ball What Are the Bubbles in Old Glass?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-21

Bubbles in old glass bottles and windows are actually air bags trapped in the manufacturing process.The rough glass almost always contains bubbles, which usually increases its appeal and value in collectors.According to AntiqueBottles.Com, in the glass produced after 1920, bubbles are rare, so the presence of bubbles may help with the date of the bottle or window.AntiqueBottles.Com also said collectors would not treat bubbles as "damaged "."Some people even prefer bubbles because they add to the visual appeal of the glass.A group of small bubbles gathered together is called "seed bubbles ".While the internal foam is considered desirable, it is generally not an "open bubble ".The open bubbles are close to the surface of the glass and appear in divot, indicating that the outer edge of the bubbles is broken over time.People who restore old houses prefer glass with bubbles inside to keep the history of the building alive.1992 Steven Jason, vice president of the United StatesA.Bendeheim told the New York Times that people are willing to pay a premium for glass containing bubbles.
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