Scientology Years as Remembered by Steve Andrews the Bard of Ely - marquee

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Scientology Years as Remembered by Steve Andrews the Bard of Ely  -  marquee
My good friend, author and author CJ Stone suggested that I write down my experience with Scientology many years ago, so here's the start.These years are from 1986 to 1990, so you can see that I have enough time to get to know it.There is no doubt that you have read all the bad news in the media about Scientology, in fact, I was also in my teens, not happy with the world and my life, what I read was an evil cult leader who brainwashed people on board with electronic machines enough to put me off.
Years later, when I was one of those people who followed Ron Hubbard's teachings and had their own emails, I would completely change my point of viewRice, that's it-Called brainwashing deviceHe showed up in my house again and he stayed there all the time but went to London to see Dylan's concert and didn't come back.In any case, in those days, I was used to seeing pixie in hippie clothes or motorcycles --He had a motorcycle.But never dressed neatly and smartly in a traditional way.
But when he came back to my house that day, it changed completely.His hair was cut, he was wearing a clean shirt and even his trousers were ironed.It's like a complete transformation.\"Pixi!"Come in," I said, "but you have to tell me where you have been and what has caused this significant change.
"Pixi went on to explain that after the Bob Dylan concert, he sold his bike and eventually joined the scientific school of the San Shan Manor as a member of the marine organization (organization.I would like to know more, he advised me to write for a book called modern mental health science and gave me the name of a lady named Irene, who is Holy Hill.I did this and soon got the book "Dian" I started reading.
Hubbard explained that there are mistakes in every area of human effort, but he has found the reasons and ways to solve the problem.That was it -I was fascinated because it was something I knew from an early age.I used to ask my parents to buy me some books about nature that I was fascinated by, but I always found mistakes in the books that didn't add up to what I found in the world.
Hubbard reveals that the only reason for all human problems is caused by what he calls "Enke", \ "this is a complete recording, stored in what he calls" reactive thinking, when conscious thinking is shut down by serious damage, the recordings begin to play, for example, to stun that personThese engram will then be re-energized by similar situations and stimuli in the future and try to replicate what has happened in the past and now, causing serious damage.Hubbard claims to have found a method called auditing to get rid of all the engram stored and eventually produce a "clear" person who no longer has a responsive mind or any engram, to restore their consciousness.One of Leonard Cohen's songs, the Famous Blue Raincoat, asked, "are you wearing clean ?"?Leonard is one of my favorite writers and I would like to clarify.
I continue to read and read a book by Hubbard shortly after sending self-analysis that helps you enhance your senses and memories by browsing the list that requires you to focus on things mentally.I found it to work, and this is a book I kept.I know that Hubbard recommends adding vitamins to your diet, and B1 and Nicic acid are especially good.
I 've seen how they sell "Vits packs" and how most Scientologists take supplements on a regular basis.I started spending my money on doing it too, not on alcohol.I remember feeling a lot better about it and I still use various supplements and vitamins until today.
I want to read all of his books and start building my collection, browsing them and doing some cheap extension classes that can be done at home.In the end, I went to the Holy Hill in East Grinstead, where I met with the staff I had been writing letters and had some free introductory audits, which was a process, the auditor will listen to the answers you give to set the questions.In some ways, it's like a confession that allows you to look at your past.
Some of the staff at the San Shan Foundation did their best to attract me to join them and give up my house in Cardiff, but I was not prepared to do so.Of course I wanted to learn everything I could learn and had the ideas I always had and then later found out that I was wrong and I finally found the kind of person I was looking.By then, there have been many positive changes in my life --I got over a seven.
I have completely quit drinking with me.
I read this book because it lowers your awareness and it can help you create energy and open your heart to reactive thinking.Of course, I don't want that, and knowing that I don't have the funds I need to pay for the audit to clean up, I want to do everything I can to stop adding to my problem, and helped me succeed in the science school.As a single parent of state welfare, I am trying to reach a clear state.
Apart from putting down tablets and wine, I found out that I had gotten rid of all sorts of people in my life and that no one really did me any good.Talking about the Scientology all the time, getting so cleanThe living people I don't even drink anymore are too much for them.I spent any money I had saved on Ron Hubbard's books and tapes to study at the Birmingham, St.
Hill and London celebrity center.
Because I am a singer and songwriter, and even though I am poor and have no signature, I still allow me to be a celebrity of Scientology!Great for me.I am flattered by my talent and encourage me to be grandiose and promote my creativity.He was actually supporting my drum in a scratch band we organized at the Marquee Cafe party in Soho.
This is Woody Woodman West, a spider drummer from Mars who supports David Bowie, and here he is playing drums with my songs.I was also hired as secretary of Robin Williamson.Robin lives in Cardiff and needs a Scientologist to help emailorder business.
Perform on the big stage of Cardiff Sofia garden house.I 've been doing some cheaper classes, mostly going to Birmingham because it's very close to here.As a field worker, I started working part-time, which mainly means publishing as many flyers as possible for advertising books and courses.
As a reward for this, I got classes and books that I couldn't get, so I was able to start my "bridge" correctly, which included the planned progress of the course and the audit steps, you need to complete and accept these steps in the process of achieving clarity and clarity.What is clear above is the "Operation tan" or OT level.In Scientology, you know that you are not a body, but an immortal and indestructible spirit known as thetan.
As is taught by Hinduism and Buddhism, you have been identified by the body as yourself in trouble and think that what you see in the physical world is the only reality.So the purpose is to get you back to your true thetan state and get you back to the natural thetan abilities.The OT level is called a "advanced" course with confidential material that cannot be obtained without payment.
Or at least that should be the case because Hubbard didn't bargain for the Internet, and most of what is revealed on these levels can now be found online.Most of it is like science.Novel, this is the money Hubbard earned as a writer outside the school of science.Hubbard told us that we have been here as Titans for 76 trillion years and that our past lives are called the whole track ".
He wrote articles about the Galactic Federation and the Empire, such as makard and Helatrobus.Venus, before being sent here to enter a new body in the delivery room, will be implanted with false life experiences.He wrote articles about the Galactic Federation and the Empire, such as makard and Helatrobus.
Before being sent here into the new body of the maternity ward, they are implanted with false life experiences..This is the kind of weird material that the proponents of the Scientology think, but I don't have any problems with this because I 've been interested in these things and have seen ufo.According to Hubbard, the world we live in is the most beautiful world of matter --Energy-Space-Time, OT is the existence of an understanding of the reason for MEST without or without the body.
Obviously this is a very ideal state, but the cost per OT level is higher than the previous level and we are seriously talking about a lot of money.Of course, all the famous Scientologists are OTs, but all the famous Scientologists have enough money to spend on these things.I don't, but I think maybe I will one day and let's try to figure it out at the same time.
Despite these goals, I was very happy and gave me some goals.I also believe that I have found the person who saved the Earth, which Hubbard taught me.Basically, he said, Scientology is the only hope in the world.
I had a friend named Colin who listened to me about Scientology and once went to the holy mountain with me.He was impressed by joining the staff there, but it didn't last long.Colin is going back to Cardiff to see his girlfriend over the weekend and he starts to tell me that the Scientology is not the way it should be.
He will tell me that there is no more ability to clear and OTs than he does, and that he has seen people with this cold and flu --A clear person should not bear these conditions because it is said that they were caused by engram at birth and were removed during the cleaning process."Believe me," Colin would say ".I don't want to believe him though, and make my own reasons for why a definite person might catch a cold or why an OT doesn't seem to be more capable than anyone else.However, I began to have problems and doubts.
You see, Hubbard told us that what he has set out in his rules and policies should be followed forever."Standard technology" will be delivered at any time.Now you should get a certificate to show this when you complete a course or audit step.
These "certificates" should be delivered in time, but I had a lot of trouble getting my certificates.In the end, I decided to send the "Knowledge Report" and if something goes wrong due to the failure of a fellow of the Scientology school, this is the step you should take.I did, but nothing happened.In despair and annoyance, I wrote to the international executive director, Guillaume lessevre, who was in charge of the scientific church after Hubbard's death.
I used to communicate with Guillaume and he knew about me.I received a letter from him stating that he had given a "official push" to the staff responsible for the certificate delivery of the San Shan Foundation and that I should receive my certificate in due course.However, nothing still happened and it took me months to really get them.
I remember thinking that it would be a big mistake if the top figures of the Scientology could tell the staff to do something but still not do it.But there are also many benefits to the scientific theory.Hubbard's teaching inspired me and renewed my confidence in my ability as a writer and performer, and I learned that it is essential to promote your work.
It was a negligent mistake I had seen in the past, when, as a much younger man, I naively thought it would be enough to write a good song.I think I want the record company and the talent scout to find me and of course they don't.On the LP compilation, and on the poems published on the anthology.
I'm called a singer-Songwriters, poets, and I know that this would not be the case without the application of Scientology.I quit smoking, too, and kept smoking.Smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day after many years.I did it after reading the books of the scientist and the converted addict John Duff.
In his book,Smoking and all other substance abuse is an "overkill" for your body, Duff said ".Openness is a harmful act.I accepted this and thought I should not do so if I wanted to clarify and OT.Not only that, I also started doing TRs, which is said to be an exercise to help you "face" and communicate.
You partner with a twin sitting opposite you, and if you do anything other than following the instructions you should do, he will surprise you.I haven't been through TR0 and in TR0 you sit there and look straight at your twins and that's all you do.Any movement, smile, cough, frown, etc.You can do this for a few hours until the supervisor in the course feels that you have shown that you are able to practice and will not fail.
I can see other people who can do this, and I know that I have to master this too if I want to go further.Then I realized that maybe because I am still a smoker now, my body is expecting me to burn a cigarette again and again, and I am distracted by my addiction.I think, if I can quit, I will no longer hurt my body and have a better chance in my TRs.
I decided to take the last one and never buy it the next day.That's what I did. I always said to myself, "Look, Steve, you can do this, you can do what others find difficult to do.\ "I passed when I went to do TRs next time.
By the way, it is part of the Scientology school.I was persuaded to be the first task Holder in Wales and I think it makes sense because it will help me to get all the books and classes I need to clarify and OT.They should buy books and lessons from Ron Hubbard.
I was told I would get help.
.I had to report to the Scientology delegation every week, to give them details on how many flyers I gave out, how many books and courses I sold, and how many people I sent to orgs.I changed Hubbard's bust image to an electron.There is a smart kingfisher blue model in a briefcase of the corresponding color.
Now I think of something.
I work hard, send letters to people who are potentially interested, hold introductory meetings, advertise in the library, and my most successful action is to send out thousands of flyers.I used to love the long terrace streets of Wales because they were easy to do, but I also tried to walk long lanes to the rich man's home.I used to think that if I could interest one of these rich people, they might buy a lot and join the Scientology.
But I did sell a lot of books.
I will also go to the neighboring town by bus and get the Flyers there.After all, I am in charge of the Wales mission, which does not just mean Cardiff.Another great way I found was to go to a town or city center and hand over the Flyers to passers-.
People in the Scientology seem to be happy for a while, but when my numbers go down, they complain that I'm not doing enough.I remember when I called my stats, I spoke to an American woman who said she had black marks on my name for not providing good enough stats.I was really annoyed to see that I did my best and couldn't force the Welsh public to buy these things.
This is really the beginning of the end.
As a task leader, I was stuck with failure and eventually they threatened me with a communication tool (the evidence Board, this is a high court hearing against anyone accused of crime and crime in the scientific theory of moral education system.Most Scientologists are afraid of such a trial because you may lose all the certificates and everything you do may be declared to be no longer valid.This means you may have to start from scratch and pay a lot of money again.
I have reached the point where I no longer care, and I say, "Well, when will my communication happen?"Let's end this and end my feelings about it.At the same time, something else has happened that has made me understand the true meaning of the Scientology --money!I have a savings account in San Shan, I used to buy books and tapes, was disappointed with the Scientology, had a real need for money, I sent a letter, ask for my 10 pounds to pay back to me.This is everything, but this is mine, what I want.
I know there is a moral policy that says money is to be repaid, but anyone who returns it may always be excluded from Scientology.I think I'm testing this information and don't worry about the results.The next thing I know is that I received a letter from my friend Irene at Holy Hill saying that she found out that I was going back to my money, the biggest shock of the year.
She asked, didn't I realize that by doing so, I could not only be banned from participating in Scientology because of this life, but also because of all future lives?Irene said, can I help her and myself by writing to cancel my request? She will give me the money.I do this because I like Irene and don't want her to be upset about this madness I think.That was real -For the sake of ten, I can not only be banned from this kind of life, but also from future life!I handed over all the scientific theory assignment materials I had left to a Cardiff businesswoman who said she would take over.
I have never received my email, but I wrote back to Guillaume lesef saying if he could get the Scientology to stop sending me all their emails because I haveHe never replied, the Mail stopped, I thought I was convicted and "declared" that was the penalty when someone was labeled "high crime rate.So, that's why I benefited from the Scientology, but it also made me lose my way and made me understand what was wrong with it.I don't regret the years I spent as a Scientologist.
I think it taught me a lot.
Maybe if I had a lot of money, I would still be in there?Perhaps not?
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