inflatable boat ASIS Boats delivers RIB in record time.

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-27
inflatable boat ASIS Boats delivers RIB in record time.
Assisi ships are the world leader in structural composites and marine grade aluminum rigid hull inflatable boats and ships offering advanced marine solutions.The Assisi concept of safety, quality, design, innovation and performance, combined with the shortest delivery time in the industry, is integrated into each rib ship and the ship built, making law enforcement, rescue and business organizations around the world.The Assisi ship has built and delivered an 8-meter elite rigid inflatable boat for a large Dubai developer at a significant delivery time.
The rib ship is in urgent need and has been fully manufactured, assembled and delivered in just 10 days.Engineering, design, and production are all carried out internally, which enables Assisi ships to create new models and meet the specific requirements of customers in a short period of time.This also makes the delivery time fast as Assisi controls most of the elements on board.
This RHIB, the first of many products to be delivered in the coming weeks, aims to ship VIP customers to hotels and from hotels to major lands in a stylish and comfortable manner, safety and performance will of course not be affected.The Elite 8.0 m RIB boat has a built-in UBench in the shape of a comfortable sunbeds.The non-Sliding teak cover deck from bow to build-On the bench at the back;With adjustable pilot and collaborationThe pilot seat is well covered by a unique design canopy made of polished marine grade stainless steel.
The rib has a built-in stainless steel tank with a capacity of 250 liters and is driven by a set of double Suzuki 140 hp four stroke engines that allow it to reach a speed of 75 kilometers.In addition to a waterproof sound system with integrated CD player and Bluetooth technology, this elite 8-meter rigid inflatable boat is equipped with the latest and most advanced Garmin GPS and wave.Passengers will enjoy the comfort and lifestyle of the ship while experiencing great boat handling.
Some of the general features of the Elite 8 m rib are shower kits with 60L water tanks, search lights with joysticks, magnetic compasses, LED navigation and anchor lights, and strong white board lights are useful for night cruising
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