human soccer ball New Inventions Provide Robots For Christmas Gifts

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-20
human soccer ball New Inventions Provide Robots For Christmas Gifts
Humans are always looking for something better than Earth and animals, and humans often turn to the universe and technology to accompany and take risks.We are looking for a truth "out there...The X-"There", according to computer information science ".In our exploration of alien life, we go to the edge of the universe, enter the precise center of cyberspace, and find a lot of the same information and structure.
After all, atoms are like the solar system.Some people are eager to find humanoid life on other planets.Some of us want to findHuman life with the planet who became friends.
Some of us would like to try to live in a nonThe social system of the Earth, especially the politics of free form.Some of us thinkFor us, aliens will be better than earth people.Enter the robot, the star of science fiction for decades, today's reality.
I didn't lie in one episode, and data programming itself was a perfect companion.In the 1960 s, there was a short play starring Julie newma...Blade Runner.Apart from the fact that its brain is not suitable for the skull, one cannot tell from the human body.
The brain sits next to it, a room with a standard height of 20x20.That's how many brains we have.Although computer applications are getting smaller and smaller every year, this computerThe 21st century brain is still much larger than the human skull, so when our ipod shrinks to a tiny hour, one has to look for other places for electronic companionship.How much is the dog on Radio Shack?"I sing body electricity", we turn to electric pets.
Some people are afraid of dogs or feel they can't take care of pets but want to try robotic creatures.In Japan, again, there is already a system where a lonely person can rent a family holiday, including grandparents, children, whatever you want.A new change in the US is that some businesses that rent pets are also open.
The result is not very good.
-Many people are angry about spreading around pets and there is a treatment dispute in practice.Some hotels have a few cats in the hotel as pets, allowing the mission to borrow a cat for the night if they wish.The effect is better.While robotic pets may never provide a deep and unique connection between real animals and human friends, robotic pets may be accepted by some.
It is possible for these people to stay at home on the Internet, work remotely, play with robot dogs and never leave the house or communicate with organic creatures.In sci-fi movies, people are stuck on a planet with only companion holographic photos, but the real world will object to that.What if the power supply is damaged or removed from someone's virtual world?Does a person have Retreat, depression, mental breakdown?I don\'t know.
There, he became a friend with a football player, and he said his name;Wilson\";Then lost him at sea and became very painful.Will people forget how to connect with other organic humans?They may.Pets can help people healthier by reducing recovery time for accidents and diseases, lowering blood pressure, reducing isolation, but stimulating communication, etc.
Can a robot dog do it?We don't know yet.
E-companions are also provided.
Can be a real rabbit.
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