human sized bubble balls How to Make a 3D Human Cell Model

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-24

Every cell in your body is like a small energy factory.Your cells have parts called "organs" that each perform a variety of functions, absorbing nutrients from food and converting them into energy.This simple project to create a 3D model of human cells is a great way to understand the cell part.This project is great for primary school students.Track the circumference of 5-By drawing a line in its center, an inch foam plastic ball.Cut the ball in half with a foam plastic cutter.You only need half of this project.Cut the 3-Inch foam plastic ball half, then cut the top 1/2It's 1 inch away from half.You will have something that looks like a little rice cake.Stick this disk to a larger center, 5-Half an inch of foam.Color the exterior of half of the large foam plastic (the one you choose to use) with one of the marks.Color the top of the large foam plastic in another color.Next, color the sides and outer edges of the small disc with a third marker color.Finally, color the top of the disk with the marked fourth color.The Big Ball is the main part of the cell, and the small disk is the nucleus.Take out a piece of building paper.Cut three 1/2-An inch-wide strip (portrait or landscape, it doesn't matter) from the paper ).Folding accordionstyle by 3-Inches apart, let you have three, thick, lasagnalike pieces.The end of the fold should still be round, not flat.Stick these pieces around a foam plastic tray with a smaller center of the ball.This is the so-called thick Web.Take out two pieces of construction paper, each of which is in two different colors, different from the last one.Cut one 1/2-Inches on each sheet.Fold each sheet 1-Inches apart, accordion again-style.The end of the fold should not be fully aligned, but should be more random (see the picture in the reference ).Dig two 1/4-Inch crater in two different areas on top 5Inch foam plastic ball near the edge.Paste a folded strap in each crater.These are the Gorky and the smooth face mesh.Open the model clay and take a walnutPieces of clay of two different colors.Take out two peas from one pieceA ball of size, rolled in the shape of a pill.Stick these two shapes together and stick them to 5-Foam plastic balls in inches (these are center grains.) From the other piece, make about ten small balls (smaller than peas ).Stick these balls to different areas around smaller discs on foam plastic balls (these are nuclear bodies ).Then, roll the remaining block into a ball and stick the ball directly to the center of the small disk.Pull another walnut-Blocks of clay size different from the other two colors.Divide this block into three equal pieces.Roll these pieces into pill shapes, and then draw a curved snake shape on the surface of each shape with a toothpick.Stick these pieces to the surface of the larger foam plastic ball.These are Mitochondrial.Write the following words on the paper: Center grain, cell membrane, Gorky, mitochondrial, nuclear membrane, nucleus, nuclear body, rough surface Network, smooth surface Network.Cut these words off the paper with small strips.Glue each word to the toothpick with tape and insert the toothpick into the cell model next to the object it represents.Use the pictures in the references as a guide.
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