Drinking Games Without Cards - inflatable games for adults

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-26
Drinking Games Without Cards  -  inflatable games for adults
Would you like to learn some of the best drinking games without cards?
In this article, we give you a list of games that are often played at parties.
Although you may want to believe that drinking is a modern game.
In fact, some of the earliest drinking games can be traced back to ancient Greece in the 4 th century BC.
China is also a royal family member with a long history who often drink at parties and parties.
Most of these games are games that can be played without cards.
Today, however, most drinking games played at parties involve a deck of cards.
So, if you want to play the game without a card, you may need to search for it.
This article describes some party games that do not involve cards.
When you usually think of drinking games, you always associate them with games that involve cards, but there are a lot of games that don't need to use cards.
In this article, we give you an overview of some interesting games.
In this game you only need four lens glasses, two teams with equal numbers and one quarter.
The game is simple.
A team tried to bounce back for a quarter and land it in a shot glass.
The first lens glass is the first base, the second lens glass is expressed as the second base, and the third lens is the third base. landing in the fourth lens means a home run.
If you land on the first glass, then you need to drink from all the glass behind it.
The two teams landed in turn this quarter.
You need to track what players are on what basis.
For every home run you make, the other team will lower the price of the drink.
This is one of the best party games for adults.
One of the interesting 2-
Players who can play games without using cards are Beer checkers.
Playing like a normal checkers, the difference is that the plaid pieces are replaced by two lens glasses of different colors.
Whenever a player skips the glass of another player, the latter needs to empty the contents of the shot glass.
The player who lost the game drank the rest of all the lens glasses on the board.
One of the most popular drinking games without cards or dice is beer table tennis, a popular game for most colleges and universities.
The basic purpose of the game is to place a table tennis in the glasses arrangement on the other side of the table tennis table, forcing the other team to put down the drink.
You can split the party into two teams and play the game, which was originally one of the fun drinking games for 2 people and turned into a fun team game.
Each team rolls the mold in turn.
Once the mold rolls, the team with the largest number wins a round and picks one person from the team opposite for a drink.
Capture is still the difference between the number of shots equal to the number of times the winning team and the failed team roll.
If your party includes watching movies then you can play a lot of movie drinking games.
This may include watching a particular movie, and each time you talk about a particular conversation or scene, everyone needs to take a big sip of a drink.
For example, if you are watching a cartoon movie, you will drink it with a big mouth whenever an animal walks in on two legs.
If you want to play games without cards and cups, then you can replace the wine glasses and cups with a beer pitcher.
These are just part of many awesome party games that don't involve cards.
When playing a drinking game, be sure not to push the game.
While most drinking games are often tests of endurance, it is important that they do not put anyone's life at risk because of any form of alcoholism.
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