bull riding boots Don't Ride a Motorcycle In Flip Flops

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-24
bull riding boots Don\'t Ride a Motorcycle In Flip Flops
As the years passed, I learned what to wear and what not to wear when riding a motorcycle.The most important rule is to protect you at all costs.First of all, only idiots and novices are wearing flip-flops, shorts and t-shirt.
Those people never felt the anger of the rash.They used to ride bikes, never saw loose gravel on the curve, and never got hit by unexpected drivers who couldn't see their arrival.They are riders who say to themselves "never happens to me" and yet, too often, it does happen to them and by then it is too late.
What some call leather horse boots or motorcycle boots is a boot style that protects riders from broken ankles and ligament tears, but not always.When a cyclist falls down by bike, he gets a lot of damage that I 've seen with my own eyes over the years while working in the emergency room.These injuries include a man wearing tennis shoes while driving a motorcycle, with 1 feet nails embedded in his ankle, so the medical staff must have the local fire department remove the hook from the bike, to get the driver to the hospital.
Another victim of his own stupidity was someone who thought he was a professional skier, and when he slipped across the sidewalk in flip-flops at a speed of 60 miles per hour, his soles were torn into bones.I can go ahead and talk about similar events, but I hope you understand that.There are various styles, materials and uses for riding boots.
For example, steel toe boots offer a high style from the ankle to the knee and protect the wearer from the toe.Unfortunately, if there is something sharp falling on the feet of a person wearing such boots, the metal plate protects the toes, but cuts the toes down for about 2 miles.Personally, I 'd rather lose one or two toes than all, so I'm not wearing steel toes anymore.
On the other hand, there are several boots on the market that are very helpful in protecting the lower body.Made of leather, knee-high steel plated horse boots protest riders from road rashes to various injuries such as amputations.They are made up of a lace-up boot, combined with motoplates, which is different from motocross boots, but more like a dirty old motorcyclist.
They look a bit off from what people usually think cyclists are going to wear, but most cyclists I 've seen in the past, don't wear boots outside of pants, pants on pants, boots look like any other motorcycle boots.In today's motorcycle world, you can ride anything you want to ride, but, only smart riders learn from the mistakes of others, and put on the right equipment to ride a motorcycle on the streets of the United States.If you want to buy these types of boots, you can see a 1 1/4 \ "6 buckle knee leather combat boots with a zipper inside or 7 straps with a metal plate accent, leather boots for American cyclists at local online stores.
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