blow up shelter Found a mentor that I know personally, but am a little unsure of his terms...looking for advice

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-29
blow up shelter Found a mentor that I know personally, but am a little unsure of his terms...looking for advice
I have been building my website/brand for the last 2 years.5 years.During that time, I built a nice little follower (25 k youtube users with 400 people growing on my website every day ).I only sell one product from my website, this is a course, I sell about $1000 a month, sometimes starting with this course, up about $2 k in a month.
\ RI has been thinking about finding a mentor to help me with my marketing work for a while-Advertising, build a funnel, build multiple revenue streams.I can make cool videos, but I really don't know about marketing.I know I may be able to work overtime on my own to learn all of these things, but I really want to live full time next year as I have a newborn on my way.
\ RI knows someone and I have seen his explosion in the IM world for the past 6 years.He is a friend of my cousin.He is in a high position, holding seminars all over the country, nothing.It's not uncommon to give him $30 a month.
RI likes this guy.
trust him.
However, I am a little uncertain about his condition.I don't know what is the usual "continuous rate" for such things.I messaged him on Facebook and asked him if he was interested in guiding me.
He looked at my current situation and he was interested in working with me.\ The Price of RHis is $5000Guidance on setting up everything-Funnel, strategy for getting people into the funnel, setting up drop shipping merchandise store, setting up affiliate plans on Clickbank, etc.\ RThis coach will last 45 days and it should be enough to get everything ready.
45 days later, it would be an extra $5000 if I wanted him to continue to guide me.To be honest, this is the price I expect for someone like him, so I'm not shocked by the numbers.\ RIn in addition to this, he also charged 50% of the cost of making the website.
Now, I haven't said anything specific yet, but basically he will be half the owner of my site.This is the part I care about.On the one hand, he will take my website to a level that I may not be able to achieve myself.On the other hand, this is still my brand and knowledge and ultimately my time in continuous content creation.
\ RSo I would like to know what do you guys think about this with coaching/coaching experience?\rThanks!
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