blow up party rentals How to Decorate a Birthday Party Hall Without Taping

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-28
The decoration of the birthday party is very important for holding festivals and unforgettable events for everyone, especially birthday boys or girls.If you hold a party in the lobby or in the private reception area, you may face the challenge of not being able to use the adhesive tape to hang the decorations, as there are places where there are strict regulations on it.Luckily, it's easy to decorate a birthday party with no tape, and still can be made for the event that the holiday decorations.
Hang birthday banners in a place that will be noticed, such as above the entrance or on the wall behind the table.Instead of using adhesive tape, instead of using sticky putty, it will stick the banner to the wall, but it will not be as strong as the adhesive and will not pull off the paint.Birthday banners are available in most party stores.
Buy birthday-Theme hats, noise makers and birthday cutlery for local party supplies stores.Buy enough for guests attending the meeting and buy extra as birthday decorations.Additional hat and noise makers can be placed in the center of the table with scraps of paper, or at the top of a bundle of birthday ribbons as the center.
Buy a birthday-Theme tablecloth or tablecloth suitable for the color scheme that birthday people like.To use a birthday ribbon that you can't record, simply run the ribbon along the length of each table in the center.Purchase pre-Blow helium balloons from your party store or rent a helium tank to blow them up in the lobby.
Tie the balloons into bundles, and tie four or five balloons together with stones or other heavy objects.Place the bundle next to the end or center of the long table.Blow more balloons and ties onto the chair, fixtures on the wall, or let them float freely.
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