blow up football pitch No Conflict? No Good! Find Out How Conflict Prepares You For Breakthroughs

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-13
blow up football pitch No Conflict?  No Good!  Find Out How Conflict Prepares You For Breakthroughs
We all have preconceived ideas about what a "should" relationship is, or how a team "should" work.Because it seems that the relationship is not enough.But as we can see, conflicts at work are inevitable.
There is no perfect team, manager or staff and it is not possible to have a job that will disappoint you.Nevertheless, conflict will eventually lead to better understanding, new discoveries and closer ties.Further, the relationship without conflict is unfavorable and may even be in serious trouble.
Some things are wrong.
Someone bites their tongue, swallows feelings, refuses to be disappointed, or collects all disappointment somewhere, and then lets themselves collapse, break up, or explode suddenly.Think about employees who never complain about anything, week after week, month after month, year after year.No matter what happens, no matter what disaster he faces, everything is "Great!Until one day, in the busiest season of the company, he just got up and left, without any explanation, maybe even without work waiting, maybe with him to acquire trade secrets or business knowledge, put you in trouble.
Or someone who is described as "almost never angry, but you 'd better run away when he's angry.It's terrible.Or how about this couple who seem to disagree with anything.At least on the surface, life is a pleasant rebound for them until one day they give everyone a chinThe file has been filed.
"But we have never seen them fight!How is this possible?Want: a workplace with creative tension and no conflict is not a powerful workplace, and may even lack the necessary factors for progress: over time, the creative tension between people will lift everyone, every team, and then eventually push the whole business to a higher level.With the right mindset and a bit of skill, conflict can be a truly powerful tool to build better understanding, stronger boundaries, clearer communication, greater respect, and even moreThis is usually uncomfortable.If we were in a workshop there would be a lot of nagging, rolling eyes, cross arms, "Oh please" muttering, "You just don't know where I work.
But that's the problem.
We have been doing this for a long time and we have seen conflicts of various shapes and sizes.We’ve tussled.We’ve won.We’ve lost.It's hard for us to bargain.We’ve given in.We lied to it.We're gone.We have also seen clients do all the above.All these experiences tell us that there are often new possibilities, new beginnings and progress after conflict.
Someone touches a sensitive boundary or presses a hot button.The problem of smoldering under the surface will spark life.An incident triggered a continuing disagreement on how to solve the problem.
A bad way to communicate and make every request sound like a requirement.The process of conflict is not interesting.Confrontation gives you a deeper understanding of your colleagues' opinions.
Conflicts clarify your boundaries to your customers and improve relationships in the process.Adversity will grow you and give you strength.Conflict triggers a strong commitment to a career or idea, which makes you more confident to work hard for what you think is right.
Compromise makes you more flexible and more patient.You stand up and, in the process, build some "if-I-could-handle-that-I-can-handle-Any confidence.Conflict strengthens your vision, gives you strength, gives you new fire within, and develops your character.
Nothing but conflict, adversity, compromise can be done ...... These are the preparations for breakthrough.In fact, they are necessary for progress in our experience.
Build our patience, strengthen our resolve, and improve (yes, improve) relationships ...... All of this can't be done by other types of experience.Inspired by the words of legendary Baby Ruth, she once told reporters, "Every strike brings me closer to the next home run," We asked several colleagues what adversity taught them.
"When my grandmother said, 'smooth mountains make you have nothing to catch while climbing, I finally got what she meant."I will be small when things are easy."My last manager was such a bad leader that I knew today that I could work for anyone.Thanks to her, I have more patience and self-control.
"I really appreciate the people I work with right now because I know what it's like to work in a company where people chime in and gossip with each other."I have experienced a lot of setbacks from being fired to being transferred to losing key customers.Once, when I tried to help her find the file, I even spilled a glass of water on my regional director's laptop.
She lost her job and email for six months.Today, it takes a lot to upset me.Frustration is more like a call to action: how can I solve this problem?Where do I start?"When I make a mistake, it means that all eyes are on me.This is an opportunity to do my best in front of a wider audience than I usually have.
"Compromise won't kill me.
"Sometimes the key to satisfaction is not getting more.It has less catching.Walt Disney, "but kicking pants can be the best thing in the world for you.So, dare to change your mind: Now, when you read the conflict, you may read "wrong, negative, rough, harsh, raw nerves, fighters.
..Bound view: "Maybe, but it is also possible that conflicts will be strengthened and enhanced ...... The driving force of growth
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