4 Invisible Dangers That May Be in Your Home - fireproof

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-27
4 Invisible Dangers That May Be in Your Home  -  fireproof
Invisible threats may exist in your home and can cause serious damage to your health for months or even years before you realize them.Many of them are smelly and cannot be detected without proper equipment.Especially in the old house, it is important to check this place.
There are four common dangers here.
Asbestos is an insulating, fire-proof fiber material that is added to everything from wall tiles to ceiling tiles.However, asbestos particles were later found to cause lung disease and are associated with lung cancer.Asbestos was still used in home buildings until the 1980 s.
The asbestos content of most American products cannot exceed 1%, but some foreign products are still in use.If you suspect that there may be asbestos in your home, let it test and sign a contract with the professional service to clear it.This is an invisible, odor-free radioactive gas formed underground by decomposing uranium.
Radon may penetrate into your home through your foundation or basement.Inhalation of radon can lead to lung cancer.The U.S.Killed by radon every year.Smokers may be particularly at risk of lung cancer when radon is present.
High activity of children and still lifeDeveloping tissues make them more vulnerable to negative effects.If you live in areas where uranium may be present in the soil, it is important to test your air and install a radon detector.Methods for reducing radon include sealing paint, charcoal water filter and ground ventilation.
Carbon monoxide or CO is produced in any form of combustion.Every winter, in the absence of proper ventilation, people die because of the use of gas heaters indoors.When oxygen is low and CO is high, your body will accept carbon monoxide to enter your blood and as a result your body will begin to suffocate.
Usually you don't even realize it's happening, but the effect can be fatal.Warning signs include headaches, dizziness, confusion, nausea and drowsiness.Install carbon monoxide detectors at home and make sure that anything that burns is discharged directly outside.
The air you breathe every day may contain contaminants.Bacteria, allergens, particles in the feces of toxic molds, insects or rodents, and other substances may be blown through your home.It is important that you have the best filters on your vents to remove contaminants from the air.
The air is fresh and clean.
It is important to know what kind of risks you face at home.Cape Fear air conditioning and heating, Inc.Or your local HVAC company is looking for ways to maintain air quality at home.
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