Why can't the inflatable tent be cleaned with a washing machine, 84, etc.

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-16

Why can't the inflatable tent be cleaned with irritating detergents such as gasoline and 84 disinfectant?

Under normal circumstances, the tent does not need to be cleaned with detergent, just wipe it with an ordinary wet towel. If the tent is very dirty, you must use detergent For cleaning, try to use mild detergents. Do not use strong alkaline or strong acid detergents. It is also forbidden to use chemical cleaning agents such as gasoline and 84 disinfectant. These chemicals will not only damage the waterproof layer of the tent but also It will cause harm to human health, especially 84 strong alkaline disinfectant, which is highly corrosive. If it is not cleaned, the residual disinfectant will come into direct contact with the skin, and the consequences of an accident will be disastrous.

Why can't the inflatable tent be washed with a washing machine?

Whether it is a pulsator washing machine or a front-loading washing machine, you cannot throw the soiled tent into the washing machine for cleaning. It is torn and clumps together during the drying process, completely damaging the tent's coating and pressing, which greatly affects the tent's service life and waterproof effect. It can be washed with water and rubbed by hand, using non-alkaline detergent, and scrubbing with a cloth in the particularly dirty part.

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