Why can inflatable tent hotels flourish in China?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-12

First of all, more and more travelers like to be close to nature, and more and more families like to take their children to experience nature. After all, even the most luxurious hotels are just artificial decorations in cement lattices. Incomparable to the beauty and comfort of nature. Hailongtun Legend Starry Sky Camp can be said to be a saving grace for travelers who want to get close to nature, but do not want to experience difficult conditions such as camping and inability to take a bath.

The international protection of nature is getting stronger and stronger. For example, in the depths of the forest, buildings are not allowed to appear. Building a house is a problem with transportation. Then, the inflatable tent completely solves this problem. As long as there is a place of a few square meters, we can design a mobile hotel inflatable tent that is most suitable for you according to the specific conditions of the use environment. , according to local conditions, customized on demand.

The earliest tent hotel in China is located in Laojun Mountain, Lijiang - Gladan Tent Hotel. I personally think that it is also a relatively large tent hotel in China; in fact, it is very mature abroad. Now, Banyan Tree Maldives, Four Seasons Golden Triangle, Australia 131 East longitude, Africa is the birthplace of tent hotels, tent hotels of different sizes are scattered in various national parks, enjoying privacy and landscape, and more intimate butler service. This form of hotel tents may not have been popular in our country 13 years ago, but now it has achieved initial results. More precisely, it is in a stage of vigorous development. On the one hand, the state encourages the development of the camping industry and global tourism, and on the other hand, the market demand Highlights - rich, want more personalized travel, and get closer to nature; hotel tents are environmentally friendly and less destructive to the land, easy to build, and hotel tents are not just ordinary folding tents, and the room standards can reach five-star standards , wind resistance, thermal insulation, and waterproofing are also completely free of problems, so this form that can not only meet market demand, but also comply with national support policies will definitely have a greater development in the future.
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