Why are the prices of inflatable tents so high?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-20

Many customers are confused after consulting the price of inflatable tents. Why do other people quote prices based on square meters, but your prices are so high? ? In fact, the customer who purchases thinks about it. The other party only has a general understanding of what kind of product you want to purchase and how large it is. As for the product details, lining, air column material, outer covering material, and the design of doors and windows, they did not ask, but directly To give you a quotation, for a factory with many years of processing experience, does the other party not take into account the purchase of raw materials and the working hours of the workers, so how can a reasonable quotation be made?

Why is it so expensive. Let's take the outer procurement as an example. The buyer of an enterprise has a great responsibility, and the quality of the product determines the survival of an enterprise. If you want to find a decent and high-quality 600D Oxford cloth supplier, it is really not as simple as buying groceries on the street. Among the many raw material suppliers, keep your eyes open and find a high-quality and low-cost genuine supplier. It's even harder!

A week ago, an army buyer told our designer that we ordered a batch of military tents, and we received the samples after the cooperative factory made samples , It always feels bad, the hand feels brittle, oily feeling, especially the feeling after inkjet is the same as that of plastic paper, I don't know if it is the ink used for inkjet or the problem of Oxford cloth. After answering some simple questions, we learned that the buyer needs a 600D Oxford cloth for the outer covering, but the other's outer covering cannot meet their requirements in terms of longitude, latitude, and hand feel, so we Purchasing specialists, further understanding and communication, and professional answers to the questions raised by customers, completely relieved the confusion of customers!

Today, the buyer came to visit our factory directly. After a pleasant conversation, he was very satisfied with the raw materials of our products and signed the contract directly. The order is produced, and the other party is very happy to say that as long as the inflatable tent is ordered in the future, they will look for you in Beijing.

Because we are rigorous in every process, strictly control the quality requirements, and consider every detail for our customers.

Guangzhou JOY Inflatable Limited guarantees to providing quality products and services.
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