What to pay attention to when camping in spring

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-12

What should be paid attention to in spring camping, today I will give you some introductions.

1. Choose a safe and suitable place to camp: a leeward place, a place near water, a place far from a cliff, a place near the village, be careful to guard against beasts, and pay attention to guard against lightning.

2. In spring, there are often dense fog, low temperature and rainy weather, strong convection weather and thunder and lightning weather. Wear appropriate clothes. Too much will make you feel hot and dry, and too little will make you feel cold. Before planning your itinerary, look at the weather conditions of your destination for the next 2 weeks. Remember to bring an extra warm jacket.

3. You must carry rain-proof equipment with you during the spring outing. Folding umbrellas or disposable raincoats are easy to carry.

4. Outdoor sports shoes should be worn when traveling, and women should not wear high heels. Soaking your feet in hot water at night before going to bed can relieve the fatigue and discomfort of the feet and help clear the meridians.

5. The weather in spring is relatively humid, which is easy to breed bacteria, so do not drink raw water and avoid eating unsanitary food.

6. If you are prone to motion sickness and seasickness, you should take some anti-motion sickness drugs in advance before traveling, and you should not eat too much. Choose a ventilated place to sit.

7. During the spring outing, be careful not to throw the fire on the picnic and barbecue, and completely extinguish the residual fire to avoid the occurrence of fire.

8. Don't sit for a long time in a cool and damp place, otherwise it will get damp and cause disease.

9. People with a history of pollen allergy should try not to go to places with flowers, or take antiallergic drugs in advance to prevent pollen allergy.

10. Outdoor photography is generally done when traveling. Before traveling, check to see if the camera is in good condition and whether the battery is fully charged. Do not let the camera get wet during the trip. Also check to see if there is a problem with the tent. At present, family camping can choose inflatable tents produced by inflatable tent manufacturers.

1. Camp cleaning after camping

Enjoy the natural scenery in the wild and have the awareness of protecting the natural environment When you leave, you should completely extinguish the residual fire, sort out and take away the garbage, and throw it in a special recycling place. The garbage that is inconvenient to take away should be dug and buried.

2. Cleaning and maintenance of camping equipment.

Tent: After each camping, clean the tent and its accessories. Do not use alkaline detergent to clean the tent. The cleaned tent should be placed in a ventilated place to dry in the shade, and then stored in a dry and cool place. .

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