What's the difference between the tents inflatable tent and construction?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-07
Often people ask what is the difference between stent tents and inflatable tent? Do wedding banquet if use stents will not be eliminated? Because of the development of The Times, people's demand is higher and higher, inflatable tent will replace the bracket? Times indeed, inflatable tent attention more and more high. But we cannot be sure of say, will replace stent tents inflatable tent. Moreover, to be short. Each tent has its own advantages. Construction of tarpaulins, tents stent and external simple framework, save a lot of cost for the tent themselves. Although the structure is simple, but he is to use value is very high. For the field construction, under the harsh environment, construction of the tent very significant advantages. Low price, so that he become the good assistant of the people in the field construction. Inflatable tent as a common in our life tent, often appear at our side, especially in places that do wedding celebration, large-scale activities. Because of the inflatable tent use of inflatable keel for support, has set up the characteristics of convenient and quick, mobile convenience, very suitable for this kind of temporary and short-term activities. Although the inflatable tent feast is very convenient, but the price is much higher than the construction tent. Tents stent is keel structure, greatly increased the cost. Not suitable for high strength, large loss. Beautiful appearance structure, very suitable for urban theme. So whether it's inflatable tent or stent tents have their own advantages, has its own survival value, there is no absolute perfection.
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