What place used inflatable tent?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-07
Along with the social progress and people living standard rise, traditional tent has been unable to meet the public demand, due to the bracing of the traditional tent, big volume and weight, transportation structures, very inconvenient, gradually replaced by all kinds of inflatable tent, and are recognized and welcomed by more and more people. Then, where used inflatable tent? 1, carried out at the celebration dinner, booze, such as the use of various banquet outdoor wedding, many young people in contracting like use to complete their wedding reception inflatable tents, romantic, and money, also has distinguishing feature alone. Tent can provide one hundred people dining, liquidity is strong, function perfect, is the first choice for outdoor host wedding. Your hosting is a traditional Chinese wedding, for example, you can use a common thing feast inflatable tent, if it is a western-style wedding, then you can use appearance is western-style inflatable tent, romantic, and atmosphere. 2, outdoor used in outdoor travel and tourism will inevitably the forest, in order to ensure the safety of our personal field inflatable tent becomes our outdoor travel a indispensable outdoor equipment, high tensile strength, good air tightness, light weight, convenient to carry, and meets the requirements of comfortable and practical. More importantly, compared with traditional stent tents inflatable tents, more space, higher height, permeability is also excellent. Tourism outdoor inflatable tent 3, used in commodity exhibition activities suitable for outdoor building for mall, exhibit a variety of products, make sales have dramatic fashion elements and space, this major is to choose the inflatable tent transport, set up the advantages of convenient and fast. 4, can used in the medical rescue in the first scene of rescue and relief, rapid up temporary rescue sites and hospital, to take emergency treatment for the rescue and relief, for the first time the injured heart calm. 5, used in fire emergency rescue in fire rescue, fire ruthlessly destroyed our homes, at this moment we fire officers and soldiers to lose family friend moved to the inflatable tent, let them safe house for the time being. 6, the use of military exercises in military outdoor exercises, fighting in the military command in the wild inflatable camping tent, military camp, screen, with military inflatable tent as a main way of choice, in recent years, more and more troops camping, camping, fighting command structure of inflatable tent.
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