What is the difference between PVC and PE cloth for inflatable tent tarpaulin

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-13

With the increase in the price of inflatable tents, many manufacturers have begun to work hard on the selection of materials. The following editor will explain in detail for you. Many people do not know the difference between PE tarpaulin and PVC plastic-coated tarpaulin. Literally speaking , PE and PVC are definitely different. The following will essentially explain the differences between these two types of inflatable tent tarpaulins.

The production of PE tarpaulin is generally made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), which has high operating temperature, hardness, mechanical strength and good chemical resistance. Polyethylene is suitable for hollow blow molding, injection molding and extrusion of various products (hard), such as various containers, nets, packing tapes, and can be used as cable cladding, pipes, profiles, sheets, etc.

The raw material of PE tarpaulin generally refers to color striped cloth, which is coated with PE film on both sides of PE woven cloth, and also uses polypropylene woven cloth. Its production process Yes: brushed - circular woven - double-sided lamination. This kind of tarpaulin has poor waterproof performance. Generally, the waterproof performance cannot be guaranteed after one use. The disadvantage is that it is easy to wear and tear. It is generally used for temporary storage of goods for rain and dust protection, and is not suitable for long-term use in open air.

PVC tarpaulin is a plastic-coated high-strength polyester waterproof fabric based on high-strength polyester canvas, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin It is formulated with various chemical additives such as speed-up agent, mildew inhibitor, anti-aging agent, anti-static agent, etc., and is plasticized at high temperature. It has the properties of waterproof, mildew resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, anti-static and so on; and the breaking strength, tear elongation and tearing strength of this product are much better than traditional tarpaulins; the appearance of the product is colorful and pleasing to the eye. The surface is specially treated for anti-slip effect. It is an international popular waterproof canvas, and the width is extra large. When processing the finished product, it can reduce the seam and improve the quality. And can produce products with different functions, different colors and different thicknesses according to user needs.

PVC tarpaulin is a polyester filament base fabric and double-sided coating PVC paste resin, because it is a dip molding process, one-time molding, the gaps of the cloth are all There is PVC slurry, so the waterproof performance is good. The production process: polyester filament cloth - dipping coating - drying and shaping - calendering and cooling - winding, now the tarpaulin on the truck, the yard and other rainproof products are all Made of PVC tarpaulin. PVC material has good rain resistance, good PVC labor resistance, and the anti-aging effect of pvc tarpaulin is much better than that of PP and PE tarpaulin. Its waterproof effect is the most significant among all waterproof canvases. It can be used for rain protection, aquaculture, rain and wind and canvas roller blinds, coal yard rain protection, truck transportation, cargo ship cover, etc.

In short, inflatable tent fabrics, Oxford fabrics, PE tarpaulins, and PVC tarpaulins have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Polyester Oxford cloth is generally used for carports, and PVC is the finishing on the back of the fabric. You can’t use nylon for carports, it’s expensive, Nike Why are backpacks so expensive? Nylon fabric is used.

The raw material of PE tarpaulin generally refers to the color striped cloth, that is, the PE film is coated on both sides of the PE woven cloth, and polypropylene is also used. Yes, its production process is: PE wire drawing - circular woven cloth - double-sided lamination. In this way, the waterproof performance of the tarpaulin is poor. Generally, it is not guaranteed to not leak after using it once on the car, but its weight is light, clean and pollution-free.

PVC tarpaulin It is polyester non-double-coated PVC paste resin. Because of the dipping process, there is PVC in the gap of the cloth, and the waterproof performance is good. The production process: polyester cloth - dipping - drying - calendering - cooling - winding, now The carport above the car, the cargo station and other rainproof products are all made of PVC plastic coated cloth.

Oxford cloth is a single-sided coating of PE or PP on polyester cloth or nylon cloth (generally not used for high prices), which are generally modified materials. The process is: polyester fabric - lamination - embossing - cooling - winding. The waterproof performance of Oxford cloth is not very good, and it is mainly used for luggage.

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