What is the air pressure range of a high pressure tent?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-09

What is the air pressure range of the high pressure tent?

The pressure range of the high-pressure inflatable tent is: 0.5mpa-0.8mpa (inflatable tents must have an exhaust pump)

The pressure range of the low pressure tent is: 18-25kpa, which is more suitable for short-term camping

The pressure value of the high pressure tent and other technical parameters :

1. The high-pressure gas column is an independent gas chamber, and the pressure in the gas column is not less than 0.5-0.8MP.

2. Wind resistance: 27.6m/s (level 10 wind speed)

3. Ability to carry rain: 17mm/h.

4. Snow carrying capacity: 30k/m^3.

5. High and low temperature work: -45℃~+70℃.

6. High and low temperature storage: -45℃~+70℃.

Pictures of high-pressure inflatable tents:

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